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Thanks for viewing my first blog. For more info about my guide service view www.bcflyguide.com or if you have questions about flyfishing Vancouver Island in general please feel free to ask. This site's all about Flyfishing Vancouver Island with some great pictures from guided & personal fishing trips, new flies I'm tying, whats new & all that other good stuff related to casting a fly on island waters! Flyfishing, guiding and my passion for this sport is always growing. I hope this blog will assist those of you in keeping up on what I'm up to here, and why I think Vancouver Island BC is so under rated for it's Flyfishing opportunities. Thanks for visiting and come again, regards.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Historical Vancouver Island Flyfishing Addition #3

My wife Jocelyn fishing the home pool on our property last year in July. Being only 1km upstream from tidal water on the Campbell River we have chrome salmon entering the pool regularly in good numbers. This photo was taken one evening after Joce had dinner & snuck out for a few casts, I don't think she was having any fun:) I've never guided out of my living room window but I have to tell you I'm kinda liking it! We can view the fish in the pool from our living room window well so I often will guide Jocelyn with her casting, where exactly to cast etc. Good times:)

Fly of the Week

Well I have no idea if there's a name for these flies yet but probably (no I did not invent it). This is by far the nicest looking worm fly I've fished for Steelhead. The polar chenille body wrapped around fire line forms an incredible glowing worm like presence in the water. I use Cotter pins for the head of the fly with groovy eyes which combined gives this fly the weight to be in the zone when fishing cold water for winter fish! The tail is Craft fur which is very life-like in the water, maybe more than marabou tied on a Gamagatsu octopus style #2 hook. I took this picture on my reel which is almost 4inches in diameter to display the length of the flies. Collar is just Shlappen for the final touch of what I would call a work horse flie, not fancy or complicated, but very effective in getting the job done!Please leave a comment for further questions about this pattern:)

Where Wolves Stalk Elk

Trout fishing is in full force here on the Island. Some of the higher lakes have not quite come on but there's plenty of fishing to be had otherwise. We fished the Elk River the other day, caught some nice Rainbows skating small Dry Flies. These aggressive little rainbows which have come up the river from upper Campbell Lake 12 - 14inches on average and are allot of fun on a light rod. what's better about this fishery is the environment it's in! The scenery's spectacular & the wildlife abundant. In times past I have never encountered any wildlife while being on this river although I have seen the evidence of Elk, bear etc.. The other day we were walking up the river and I asked my friend if he ever see's any wildlife while fishing there. Yes he said, then went on about his experience a couple of weeks ago floating the Salmon River. As he was floating he encountered a Bear on top of a dead Elk. We then discussed what may have killed the Elk with the possibility of it being the Bear, Wolves or just poor health. Not more than 5 minutes later I spotted an Elk along the river bank upstream with a Wolf circling it. The wolf almost seemed playful with the Elk although you cold see the Elk was not enjoying itself. It's not often you get to see Wolves on the island although I know there population is healthy. We may have saved the Elk as the Wolf got wind of us & our dogs and took off! Another great day on a beauty river which once again defines flyfishing for me. It gives you reason to spend allot of time in incredible places, which results in very cool experiences.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fly of the Week

Yes, it's not the greatest photo but the simplicity of this fly is what makes it; There Isn't any great details that you can't see in this picture! The Burlap, acclaimed as a great fly by many Old time Steelheaders from the BC coast for both Summer & winter fish! I must say, this is the opposite of what many of us are aiming at these days with Winter Steelhead flies... there's been more than one man that's told me about there great success in the old days fishing this simple pattern, makes you wonder why we approach fishing differently these days for success; is it because larger flies work the same but find the few fish that are around better than the days of Steelhead filling pools in good numbers? When targetting Steelhead these days, I find it's much more like hunting than fishing in winter time on the Island, a style of fishing I have loved for a long time... We use large patterns, cover 4 - 5 steps every cast, swinging flies to "dig them out"!! Using larger flies seems to boost confidence that if there's a fish in that water, he's not going to miss it! I'm not sure I'd feel the same fishing big water, covering ground fishing this pattern. None the less, I love the simplicity of this fly & often get discouraged when people complicate the sport, the flies etc... As I have been guilty of in the past:)

Historical island fly fishing addition #2

The Island is a great place to fish smaller mountain streams for Summer Steelhead. This is a fish I guided last fall after some good rain brought this typically gin clear river up & put a tinge of green in it! Yes, that's colored for this particular watershed. We often cast upstream to these fish with small patterns wet or dry. Sight fishing these beautiful wild Summer Steelhead is spectacular and they fight incredibly well! Can't wait to do it again...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friends Photos Fly Fishing Vancouver Island

This is addition to our site where friends may share a good photo of a fly caught fish angling on the waters of Vancouver Island. I have many friends on the Island from different locations north & south. Some friends were born & raised here fishing and have some great pictures from the Vaults dating way back, others are pictures of recent outings all are well appreciated and we hope you enjoy.
A good friend landed this one on a river near Campbell River while fishing on his own, a large buck who's seen a lot of action I'm sure! looks close to 20lbs, great fish who put up a great battle I'm told... you can see the tube fly up the line, great flies for Winter Steelheading!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fly of The Week

The flies in this post are Proven Patterns I've used for years fly-fishing Vancouver Island. Alright, here it is folks, my claim to fame in the fly world! The most obvious pattern for me when I started tying flies for Steelhead was a pattern that cut through current to get to the depths needed to get Steelhead's attention. Also a pattern that I thought would look most like a shiny fry in our crystal clear water but was easy to pickup and cast with little resistance. Amongst those who know, the Slipstream is one of the most reliable patterns period on the west coast in clear water conditions for all pacific sportsfish in salt or freshwater! I've tied this pattern in various sizes on both tubes & originally on a Tiemco 7999 Salmon/Steelhead hook. Yes there is flashabou under the Gray marabou wing, the rest is self explanitory. Don't leave home without it!

Historic Island Fly Fishing Addition.

Some great fishing pictures from past adventures on Vancouver Island. This fish was hooked on the Nitinat River after my friends offered up the pool to Me! "You go through first Ken" they said while I'm standing with them waiting for them to be rigged up! Always take good friends when heading out fishing:)