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Thanks for viewing my first blog. For more info about my guide service view www.bcflyguide.com or if you have questions about flyfishing Vancouver Island in general please feel free to ask. This site's all about Flyfishing Vancouver Island with some great pictures from guided & personal fishing trips, new flies I'm tying, whats new & all that other good stuff related to casting a fly on island waters! Flyfishing, guiding and my passion for this sport is always growing. I hope this blog will assist those of you in keeping up on what I'm up to here, and why I think Vancouver Island BC is so under rated for it's Flyfishing opportunities. Thanks for visiting and come again, regards.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Fishing

I took the family for a quick float to the estuary the other day from the house, Jocelyn hooked some nice trout. The pic shows her casting from the boat, not a bad cast for someone who rarely does it! She hooked 4 nice cutthroat & one immature Steelhead just over a pound, I guess it didn't like the ocean and decided to come back after a year! We're still waiting for the mature summer run Steelhead to show up in the Campbell River, soon I hope. The pinks will be arriving in 2 weeks! I'd like to have some Steelhead fishing before the salmon show:) We encoutered what I guess was a Summer Steelhead over on the west side of the island while guiding the other day. The fish was in the deepest part of the pool (10ft deep under fast water) along an undercut bank so it was impossible to temp him to a fly, next time I hope!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fly of the Week

Hi Folks, thanks for visiting my site! Here it is, the fly of the week... This fly is not a stranger to many fly-fisherman, but this version may be an unknown approach to some. Early in the week, my Friend was using a bead head Muddler last time we hit the estuary together. He faired very well with it hooking several Dolly Varden!! The pattern in the picture is tied on a tube with a tungsten cone head, next time I hit an estuary I will be fishing it to see how it performs. I am a huge fan of tube flies, & I particularly like how you can slip the cone over the head of the fly for a consistent silhouette. These tungsten cones are very heavy & will dive that little muddler down into the depths, sometimes a better place to be while fishing Dolly Varden on the island from my experiences. Muddler Minnows are a stronghold in the fly boxes of many fly-fisherman on the planet. It is an exceptionally great pattern to fish on Vancouver Island for Steelhead & Trout both Salt & Freshwater. This fly resembles many things swimming in our waters like Salmon Fry, large adult Caddis & Stoneflies & let's not forget the Sculpin (bullheads) that seem to be everywhere including the ocean beaches. My favorite way to fish a Muddler Minnow is using a traditional unweighted one with a Riffle Hitch. Skating this fly on fast riffles & runs where Steelhead & trout roam can bring you incredibly fishing action! Give it a try if you haven't already, you may be pleasantly surprised:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fishing Update June 23/ 09

Good old Dolly Varden, yes we have them on the Island! This picture was taken last year on the upper part of a mountain stream I guide for Summer Steelhead, & Coho. Unlike allot of fishing I've experienced for these aggressive fish on mainland rivers in BC the few Island fish I've caught seemed quite wary! Not certain if this is true fishing all Dollies on the Island but seems to be the case for me after's yesterdays experience. Some Friends & I fished an estuary yesterday arriving there at low tide, it was just starting to flood in. Shortly after starting to wet a line we noticed small splashes at the head of the pool, suddenly there were more around us. As it turned out there was a number of sea-run Dolly Varden in the estuary feeding away on something, likely anything they could get their mouths around. With this attitude I felt that fishing a fry pattern just below the surface & covering ground should fair as well as any fly. Two of us were already at the pool with the other friend working down the other side of the River. We had noticed fish rising really good just below him and mentioned to him to stay on his side as he worked downstream. Steve was fishing a bead head pattern and was into some great fishing! We bumped the odd fish but were working pretty hard for them. I insisted on keeping with one of my favorite flies on the coast, my Slip Stream. I hooked a fish here & there but nothing like Steve was! I eventually tried a different area with little success so I crossed the river to make my way to Steve for a hopeful good picture of a closeup Sea-run Dolly Varden needless to say my camera failed me! I proceeded to fish around Steve and then noticed when a fish was rising near Steve & he covered it, he was almost always successful in hooking up. As the tide flooded in we worked up the River, so did the Dollies. We followed the rises and hooked some fish, mostly Steve and finally I decided to put something with a bead-head on! Well first cast showed me what I was missing... We hooked a few more fish as the tide flooded in, then got pushed out of this great fishing that lasted the morning. On our way Home we stopped at another river where I landed another nice Dolly in a place I had been fishing for years catching everything but, an interesting day for me to say the least! This is one of the main reasons Flyfishing Vancouver Island is for me one of the most incredible places on the planet.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Historic Island flyfishing addition June 18 / 09

One day several years ago on the Campbell River, I had a good friend from Italy & his friend with me fishing the famous Island pools for trout in June. I happened to bring my Spey Rod along thinking I may fish behind them for my own entertainment but didn't expect to hook anything. The Tsitika Summer Run Steelhead stocking program had been dropped several years prior on the Campbell with no significant returns for the last season or two and it was too early to expect any salmon! I think it was my third cast with the Spey Rod from the raft when I got the tug! What resulted was a huge battle to bring in this large chrome fish that I thought may have been an early Chinook Salmon. It was much larger than any summer steelhead I had ever hooked at the time. I actually passed the rod on to my friend in order to land this fish in the high water that was pushing hard at the time. As it ended up the battle went on for longer with my Italian friend on the rod than when I had it. In this picture you can see the water in which I had to tail this fish rushing through my legs unforgivingly. When I finally tailed this fish I watched my analog cell phone slip out of my waders, fall between my legs and float down stream out of sight! The fish was so much more important that the phone could wait... Carlo's friend Luka who was in the raft still, took a bunch of pictures from a distance and this is what we have. Although the picture doesn't do this fish justice, I recall this fish being in the mid 20lb range. What a great experience for all of us, hope to see those Summer Steelhead in the Campbell River anyday now! I did recover the phone about ten feet downstream from where I tailed the fish, dicected it, let it dry for a day & put it back together. It worked fine until I lost it again picking up clients at a resort and recall leaving it on the rear bumper after driving for 20km:) Good times!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fishing update June 11 / 09

Well, I had a fellow come over to the house yesterday who wanted more info regarding a trip for the fall. He said he was only in town for another day & a half but had a bummed out ankle so river fishing was sort of out of the question currently for him. I looked over at my raft and mentioned the casting bars for fishing trout from the boat, with no wading necessary that this could work for him. Well today we spent the day on the upper Campbell fishing all the fast water pockets for trout & had a blast; brushing up on his casting with no shortage of cutthroat pulling on his fly! Although this style of fishing / guiding is a rare occasion for me I had a great time today netting several small trout & most of all assisting one who may not have had an opportunity to hit the river without this style of boat. A great way to spend the day indeed!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fly of the Week.

With July not so far away, we will soon be Skating large flies for Steelhead. Over the years we've used all sorts of flies for this style of fishing. Everything from Steelhead Bees to Muddler Minnows. In recent years we've played with different patterns on plastic tubes and have come up with some pretty successful patterns. The ones in this picture are my latest design. Combining a simple pattern on a modified tube has created a skater that I'm certain is the most reliable fly for getting the job done on top in big water! This pattern is hard to sink and skates on the surface so nice that I think it will be the choice patterns for many moons to come. For more info on our skater tubes that makes many different flies skate spectacularly, contact us at flyguide@telus.net

Now is a great time to go fly-fishing on Vancouver island for some great trout action. It is also a great time for learning to fly-fish. Combined, the 2 activities work great together with lot’s of action for beginners getting involved with the sport. If interested in learning the sport of flyfishing call us anytime for we have a promotion going on in June for lessons on fly-casting & fly-fishing in our area for all its great fisheries! The diversity of our fisheries on the Island is incredible, everything from fishing 2 handed rods on our rivers to Saltwater flyfishing the beaches with a 4wt. In the picture is a beautiful wild cutthroat trout ready for release. Contact us at 250 286 8017 for your flyfishing adventure on Vancouver Island!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Historic Vancouver Island Addition #4

Summer Steelhead are on their way! I'm certain that some of them have already poked their heads into fresh water on the island... Our Summer Steelhead arrive throughout the summer months starting early in June. When everything's just right this is the ultimate in westcoast fishing. In this picture, I took a client fishing after a rainy August week making our waters large & slighty colored. This particular day we hooked several fish, landed 4. I remember this day vividly as we were able to skate fish up in tailouts with large muddler minnows & Steelhead Bees, days I often dream about! This day you could see the fish following our skating flies, then turning off them, after a few casts they'd hammer the flies leaping outrageousely out of the water cartwheeling endlessly! Well on that note, must go look for a chromer:)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fly Of The Week

This Olive Space Invader did me well this past winter/Spring Steelhead season. This Tube Fly has a Rivet Head on it which adds action to the fly and keep its profile wider when swimming against the current. I'm not overly fond of the rivet head & usually tie these flies with lead eyes. I recommend only fishing a rivet head in slow to medium current, as flies with rivets on them are hard to lift out of the water on the pick up! A well tied & presented fly has all the action it needs to entice any Steelhead I've encountered! I have to say I have overlooked olive for winter fishing over the years but this season it proved to be an awesome choice, I had one particular fish follow & bump it for 15ft on the pick up at the end of the swing before hammering it. Consider this color while fishing any fairly clear water conditions which our Island rivers usually are. If nothing else fishing a fly this color will be a different offering than the usual Pink, hot orange, & purple flies & gear used for winter steelhead fishing. I am well stocked with this color all the time now!