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Thanks for viewing my first blog. For more info about my guide service view www.bcflyguide.com or if you have questions about flyfishing Vancouver Island in general please feel free to ask. This site's all about Flyfishing Vancouver Island with some great pictures from guided & personal fishing trips, new flies I'm tying, whats new & all that other good stuff related to casting a fly on island waters! Flyfishing, guiding and my passion for this sport is always growing. I hope this blog will assist those of you in keeping up on what I'm up to here, and why I think Vancouver Island BC is so under rated for it's Flyfishing opportunities. Thanks for visiting and come again, regards.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guide Update. 32 celcius & Steelhead

Guided fishing for Steelhead in the heat! Wow, we've had some incredible hot sunny weather here for a couple of weeks now! Tough to fish in at times but tougher being away from the water so not a bad deal:) Hiking a beauty mountain stream yesterday provided us with a great fish & battle ending up with a excellent result. This fish was mingling with a school of rear summer Coho Salmon (silvers) when it came to the fly. We weren't sure what it was exactly until we had a closer look... After a long day in the heat and the reward of a steelhead I took off my shirt and dove into the crystal clear water to cool down. Another great wild fish from Vancouver Island

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fishing Update July 21st / 09

Myself & a couple of friends hiked for some Summer Steelhead yesterday. I ended up this canyon wall where I viewed some pools searching for numbers of fish. Although it would be difficult to fish this water below, I thought it would be nice to have a look so to understand what the fish are swimming through before reaching a stretch of river I've fished for many years. It was actually quite mellow water that I viewed, very deep in places with plenty of holding water for fish to hang out but I sighted no fish! I wonder if I could float through it with my Kayak?:) We made our way back home to the C R where my friend encountered some Pinks rolling down near tidal water, looks like maybe they have arrived, approximately 10 days later than last year! Many good fishing days in the near future for Steelhead & Salmon I'm certain, maybe I'll get out today!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey gang, I've been thinking about these Campbell River Summer Steelhead a little lately being in my back yard & all... I haven't caught one yet but know of a few that have been landed so maybe it's a start to a good season. The Salmon are late as well so who knows. One thing I love about fishing Summer Steelhead on Vancouver Island is that all one needs is a small & simple sparsely tied pattern. Our fairly warm & gin clear water in the Campbell River makes these fish extremely aggressive and it doesn't take much of anything swimming into their zone to get their attention! Black & Blue has always been a favoured fly for larger off colored water & winter fishing usually tied much larger & on a tube. I thought earlier that a small black & blue pattern was missing in my collection of summer fishing excursions so I just tied this fly on a #6 tiemco hook. These hooks are great! they are on heavy wire, a nice design at a fair price unlike the Salmon & Steelhead 7999 tiemco which I feel is over-rated at the best of times. Fishing this fly with a long leader & floating line will be a pleasure whether I hook a fish or not . Wish me luck as I am about to embark on a lower river float in search of a new summer run arriving to my home waters:) Catch the blog later to see the results!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dry Fly Summer Steelhead 09

Well, here it is... My First Summer Steelhead of 09. Better yet is it was caught on a dry fly! You can see the stimulator on the other side of it's mouth as I hold it up for a quick picture. Based on what we saw today there looks to be a strong run of fish heading our way in this fishery. Some fish we sighted today were quite large looking healthy wild fish! This fish was the second to come to a dry fly from some fairly deep water in almost the same place as the first fish. My good friend who took this picture had the pleasure of rising the first fish which broke him off all too soon... He later managed to hook & quick release another nice large steelhead in a pristine pool where wild steelhead live. River levels are slightly low but it doesn't seem to bother these fish much. We did more hiking than fishing today viewing many beautiful places to cast a dry fly. We encountered fish through out the watershed, had a meeting with a couple of young deer & enjoyed good company too. We also encountered a great number of steelhead fry through out the watershed in every shallow spot we waded through, the future looks bright{chrome}! A great day with hopefully many more to come this season fishing wild fish on Vancouver Island. Not a bad little chromer for July 15th:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Historic Vancouver Island Flyfishing Addition

This Summer Steelhead was caught on one of Vancouver Islands Gems... This remote river can be tough to fish a fly productively due to the nature of it. Like other rivers on the Island with Summer Steelhead, the pools where fish stage are large & deep with minimal flows & a smooth surface so fish can see you coming if not careful. Between pools are long lenghts of high gradient stretches that are boulder infested & unfishable at the best of times. Still this river calls me from time to time due to it's spectacular environment & incredible wild Steelhead up to 20lbs. With the tannen water it is sometimes tough to see fish but often if you know where fish hang out, you can see the white of there mouths open & close in this deep clear brown water. This great picture of a friend holding this steelhead reminds me of the quality of many of our small fisheries that rarely see an Angler. The challenge in these waters will make some so called steelhead bums re-think what steelhead fishing is all about!