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Thanks for viewing my first blog. For more info about my guide service view www.bcflyguide.com or if you have questions about flyfishing Vancouver Island in general please feel free to ask. This site's all about Flyfishing Vancouver Island with some great pictures from guided & personal fishing trips, new flies I'm tying, whats new & all that other good stuff related to casting a fly on island waters! Flyfishing, guiding and my passion for this sport is always growing. I hope this blog will assist those of you in keeping up on what I'm up to here, and why I think Vancouver Island BC is so under rated for it's Flyfishing opportunities. Thanks for visiting and come again, regards.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Fly of the Month

I just tied these flies on Eumer Conetubes. These weighted tubes swim really nice fishing large waters for Steelhead & Salmon. What really amazed me when fishing them last winter was how level they swam in the water. Over days of use these patterns seemed to get you to the Zone without getting hung up on bottom near as much as flies fished with lead eyes etc.. One thing about the tubes was the paint did chip off a little on the cone part at the front of the tube but a little hard as nails coated on them helps allot in preventing this, just simply coat the cone at the same time you cement the head of the fly. On these patterns I use a colored tubing for the hook locks to match up with the patterns giving these simple flies a more refined look! Oh, one more thing... these flies did catch fish too:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Steelhead Update 09

For those of you wondering about our Steelhead fishing & why I haven't been showing much regarding this fishery lately it's simple! First of all most of my recent guests are new at the sport of fly-fishing which has been great with the pink salmon fishing. Secondly is we just haven't had the water this year due to a major drought on the island with allot of heat combined! We will soon be getting some fall freshets & with that will come some better Steelhead fishing conditions. The numbers of Steelhead seem to be there so I'm certainly anxious to indulge in some of this fishing with dries soon. I have many guided dates available for this fall if anyone's interested in coming. The Salmon returns have been great for all the species we target here so hopefully the fall will proceed with great results.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guiding Update Aug 25 / 09

Well we've had some incredible fishing for Pink Salmon on our home waters in the last few weeks. These little fish averaging 3 - 5 lbs 1km from tidal water are allot to handle at times with the average single handed rod. We've had 30 fish days in the home pool alone & some of our guests feel it's some of the best fishing they've ever had. Even after fishing Steelhead on some of the worlds renown rivers there's something to be said when hitting the pink fishery just right! They're much like fishing small Atlantic Salmon Grilse one guest mentioned but having them by the thousands. I understand that we've had close to half a million in the Campbell river alone this season so rumor has it! It wouldn't surprise me with what I've witnessed first hand many days this month:) This is a Great fishery that has made many an angler very happy after a day's fishing here. I just finished guiding to anglers from England who never fly fished in their lives. They landed 10 fish between the two of them for a half days fishing, not bad for being brand new at the sport. they say there's many more fish heading down the straight here and if they're heading our way it will easily surpass and pink salmon return on record to date! There's something to be said for bright waters, bright fish!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aug 12th / 09 Guiding Update

What an amazing month for Salmon fishing in Tidal waters so far, the numbers of fish cruising our beaches seems exceptional. There's more & more large Coho showing everyday with many in the high teens cartwheeling around! We managed to land one nice coho this morning as seen in the picture, this nice silver put up a good fight after grabbing my clients quickly stripped fly! I'm a firm believer in a fast presentation when fishing bait patterns for Coho. I have often missed out on good fish while stripping my fly slow, it seems like they analyse it more, boil on it, even bump it without really grabbing the fly when all of a sudden your flies at your rod tip & the fish is gone! The mystery of what you might hook when fishing Saltwater keeps this fishery very exciting with all the salmon & sea-trout about. Who knows, maybe a Steelhead will surprise us one day when fishing the chuck:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flyfishing Update Aug 11 / 09

A cool picture I took last week in the back yard just before landing this little Chromer! We've been getting some nice Cutthroat in the Campbell River as well. It seems as if the larger Cutts are playing the tides in the lower river so when timed right we're hooking some bigger sea-runs mixed with salmon. Some of the ocean beaches we've fished lately have been tremendous with a mix of large Coho, Chinook, pinks & Dollies! It's not hard to have a 20 - 30 fish day when timed right. Fishing our tidal waters is interesting in many ways. Even within the same stretch of shoreline it can be a challenge based on structure, depth & currents influencing your fly. Then there's the question of what you want to target when you're seeing different fish cruising & showing up through your fishing range. Many times in the last week of guiding I've been torn as to what to put on a clients line being that sometimes a larger fly will get the possible attention of a large Coho or King (Chinook). We lost a nice Chinook the other day likely due to the small fly we were fishing for pinks. This incredible fishery on the inside passage is one that I think many have yet to experiment with to any degree. I'll have to pay more attention to it on years to come, especially when we're droughted out like the last 4 weeks. I have been meaning to play with the 2 hander & different line weights for some larger fish attention that may be cruising our shoreline! As much as my heart lies on the river bank, I am gaining a great passion for the saltwater fly fishing available. Once again a great reason to be on Vancouver Island tackling this diverse environment! Heading to Steelhead waters in the morning:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home Aug 2nd / 09

Chromers on the Home pool! These Pink Salmon have been late this season & are just now arriving in numbers. We hooked a number of fish in our back yard today, the bite was on & off but for the most part the fishing was great! Here is just a few of the great photos we took while having a nice BBQ & enjoying good company... many of the fish had fresh sea-lice on them so we know where they just came from! A floating line, 7wt rod & some small weighted flies is all one needs to have some great success. these little fish battle excellent fresh from the ocean:)

Guiding Update Aug 1st / 09

The Island has some incredible scenery & places that most people never get to see! This particular river is a high gradient one mostly set in canyon walls inaccessible to the everyday angler.. The ones who venture into it's tough access pools can have some incredible experiences. We fished this pool a good part of the day due to the number of large Dolly Varden schooled up in the tail out of the pool. While fishing these selective fish, we had other fish move into the pool on occasion to add to the challenge. Some wild Summer Coho came through & at one point we had a pair of Summer Steelhead move into the tail out in perfect position to swing a fly to! A couple of times we had these fish take the fly & spit it out before we could hook up! This was also a great situation to experiment with different flies & angles of approach while observing the fish. Frusterating at times like most fishing can be but a learning curve and the odd reward to top off being in an incredible peace of gods country:)