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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flyfishing Update Aug 11 / 09

A cool picture I took last week in the back yard just before landing this little Chromer! We've been getting some nice Cutthroat in the Campbell River as well. It seems as if the larger Cutts are playing the tides in the lower river so when timed right we're hooking some bigger sea-runs mixed with salmon. Some of the ocean beaches we've fished lately have been tremendous with a mix of large Coho, Chinook, pinks & Dollies! It's not hard to have a 20 - 30 fish day when timed right. Fishing our tidal waters is interesting in many ways. Even within the same stretch of shoreline it can be a challenge based on structure, depth & currents influencing your fly. Then there's the question of what you want to target when you're seeing different fish cruising & showing up through your fishing range. Many times in the last week of guiding I've been torn as to what to put on a clients line being that sometimes a larger fly will get the possible attention of a large Coho or King (Chinook). We lost a nice Chinook the other day likely due to the small fly we were fishing for pinks. This incredible fishery on the inside passage is one that I think many have yet to experiment with to any degree. I'll have to pay more attention to it on years to come, especially when we're droughted out like the last 4 weeks. I have been meaning to play with the 2 hander & different line weights for some larger fish attention that may be cruising our shoreline! As much as my heart lies on the river bank, I am gaining a great passion for the saltwater fly fishing available. Once again a great reason to be on Vancouver Island tackling this diverse environment! Heading to Steelhead waters in the morning:)

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  1. Wow! Amazing shot. Looks like a piece of artwork!