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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Historic Island flyfishing addition June 18 / 09

One day several years ago on the Campbell River, I had a good friend from Italy & his friend with me fishing the famous Island pools for trout in June. I happened to bring my Spey Rod along thinking I may fish behind them for my own entertainment but didn't expect to hook anything. The Tsitika Summer Run Steelhead stocking program had been dropped several years prior on the Campbell with no significant returns for the last season or two and it was too early to expect any salmon! I think it was my third cast with the Spey Rod from the raft when I got the tug! What resulted was a huge battle to bring in this large chrome fish that I thought may have been an early Chinook Salmon. It was much larger than any summer steelhead I had ever hooked at the time. I actually passed the rod on to my friend in order to land this fish in the high water that was pushing hard at the time. As it ended up the battle went on for longer with my Italian friend on the rod than when I had it. In this picture you can see the water in which I had to tail this fish rushing through my legs unforgivingly. When I finally tailed this fish I watched my analog cell phone slip out of my waders, fall between my legs and float down stream out of sight! The fish was so much more important that the phone could wait... Carlo's friend Luka who was in the raft still, took a bunch of pictures from a distance and this is what we have. Although the picture doesn't do this fish justice, I recall this fish being in the mid 20lb range. What a great experience for all of us, hope to see those Summer Steelhead in the Campbell River anyday now! I did recover the phone about ten feet downstream from where I tailed the fish, dicected it, let it dry for a day & put it back together. It worked fine until I lost it again picking up clients at a resort and recall leaving it on the rear bumper after driving for 20km:) Good times!