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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fishing Update June 23/ 09

Good old Dolly Varden, yes we have them on the Island! This picture was taken last year on the upper part of a mountain stream I guide for Summer Steelhead, & Coho. Unlike allot of fishing I've experienced for these aggressive fish on mainland rivers in BC the few Island fish I've caught seemed quite wary! Not certain if this is true fishing all Dollies on the Island but seems to be the case for me after's yesterdays experience. Some Friends & I fished an estuary yesterday arriving there at low tide, it was just starting to flood in. Shortly after starting to wet a line we noticed small splashes at the head of the pool, suddenly there were more around us. As it turned out there was a number of sea-run Dolly Varden in the estuary feeding away on something, likely anything they could get their mouths around. With this attitude I felt that fishing a fry pattern just below the surface & covering ground should fair as well as any fly. Two of us were already at the pool with the other friend working down the other side of the River. We had noticed fish rising really good just below him and mentioned to him to stay on his side as he worked downstream. Steve was fishing a bead head pattern and was into some great fishing! We bumped the odd fish but were working pretty hard for them. I insisted on keeping with one of my favorite flies on the coast, my Slip Stream. I hooked a fish here & there but nothing like Steve was! I eventually tried a different area with little success so I crossed the river to make my way to Steve for a hopeful good picture of a closeup Sea-run Dolly Varden needless to say my camera failed me! I proceeded to fish around Steve and then noticed when a fish was rising near Steve & he covered it, he was almost always successful in hooking up. As the tide flooded in we worked up the River, so did the Dollies. We followed the rises and hooked some fish, mostly Steve and finally I decided to put something with a bead-head on! Well first cast showed me what I was missing... We hooked a few more fish as the tide flooded in, then got pushed out of this great fishing that lasted the morning. On our way Home we stopped at another river where I landed another nice Dolly in a place I had been fishing for years catching everything but, an interesting day for me to say the least! This is one of the main reasons Flyfishing Vancouver Island is for me one of the most incredible places on the planet.