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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dry Fly Summer Steelhead 09

Well, here it is... My First Summer Steelhead of 09. Better yet is it was caught on a dry fly! You can see the stimulator on the other side of it's mouth as I hold it up for a quick picture. Based on what we saw today there looks to be a strong run of fish heading our way in this fishery. Some fish we sighted today were quite large looking healthy wild fish! This fish was the second to come to a dry fly from some fairly deep water in almost the same place as the first fish. My good friend who took this picture had the pleasure of rising the first fish which broke him off all too soon... He later managed to hook & quick release another nice large steelhead in a pristine pool where wild steelhead live. River levels are slightly low but it doesn't seem to bother these fish much. We did more hiking than fishing today viewing many beautiful places to cast a dry fly. We encountered fish through out the watershed, had a meeting with a couple of young deer & enjoyed good company too. We also encountered a great number of steelhead fry through out the watershed in every shallow spot we waded through, the future looks bright{chrome}! A great day with hopefully many more to come this season fishing wild fish on Vancouver Island. Not a bad little chromer for July 15th:)