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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sea Run Cutthroat

Soon the Sea-run Cutthroat trout river fishing will be more consistent as they migrate up our rivers to spawn over the winter months. This usually starts by following the spawning salmon up the river in the fall to feed on salmon eggs. Angling for them in summer months is inconsistent at the best of times because they are where the food is most abundant. This means sometimes being far from they're native rivers estuary feeding along the ocean beaches. Although we have on occasion some good hatches in our rivers, it's just not enough to keep these nice trout residing in our fresh waters regularly. There are a few exceptions to this rule, usually when a river is fed by a large lake that's well fertilized supporting a trouts diet. But most of our island waters are short, high gradient rivers flowing crystal clear with little to no bug life at the best of times. When the fry migrate out in spring months the cutthroat take full advantage and are a blast to fish for! Skating Muddler minnows on the surface brings great action in fast water. These Golden fish are beauties, click on the pic to see the details on this fish, I have it on my desk top right now as it is a high quality picture, hope you enjoy!