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Monday, November 2, 2009

Flyfishing Vancouver Island's Fly of the Month | Single Spey Flyfishing Adventures

On a recent Summer Steelhead trip I guided, we had encountered a summer run in a prime tail out to swing a fly to. I had my guest situated upstream about 50 ft or so casting down to the fish swinging everything over the fish tempting a hook-up! This fish was in the perfect water to skate a waking fly over so that's how we started with no success. It was a bit of a bummer as on that particular day it was one of my best clients goal with what we thought might be the perfect conditions. I then switched flies over for him to some small reliable wet flies that still didn't do the trick! My guest had many flies swinging right on that fishes nose with no success. It's a wonder the fish didn't bolt off but obviously these patterns did not intrude on his space enough to be bothered... After basically thinking this was a done deal we went to the extreme for this little river that usually has best success with small patterns like steelhead bees & bead head nymphs. This is it I said to my guest, lets go for it!! We're going to the extreme just to see what happens, it will either take off or eat it! The first cast came short just to be safe with the second cast in far range of the steelheads sight. I'm Standing up on the bank just downstream from this fish watching it's reactions to this when of it went. When that fly got within 4 -5ft of the fish it came swimming upstream to it & jumped it! He's got it I called to my sport & he was hooked up! It was a bit of a surprise to me but great to see this situation play out. It's an example that you never know no matter how many days you spend on the water. About the fly; I found these cone heads at a shop but wasn't too thrilled with the drilled out spots for the stick on eyes. What I did like about them was the idea that they would fit on my large tubing without a liner tube. The other benefit about the cone is being a fairly large diameter it keeps the flies presentation broad when swimming in the water . I have to say I will be using these cones more for large winter levels as the big chromers are heading our way:)