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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vancouver Island Winter Steelhead Fishing Update Dec 7 / 09

There are Some fresh winter steelhead in our rivers on North Vancouver Island. Yesterday was my first day to get out for Steelhead in weeks due to a renovation on our property which has prioritized my time... Along the way, we've had an enormous amount of water leaving our rivers in flood stage for 3+ weeks. The river I fished yesterday came down 3 meters in 7 days, three vertical meters of water on this watershed is a massive amount of water and to flow consistently at that height for 3 weeks is hard to comprehend! The positive thought is minimal fishing pressure over the last month with fresh fish anxious to push up the river with the flows dropping. Well for 4 days now we've had the opposite of precipitation, very cold weather down to -8 and blue skies.. So yesterday being not the greatest of conditions didn't stop me from heading out for the day. When my friend & I got to the river we were wondering why we were there? There was no sun exposure, still -8 degrees & bleeping cold feeling:) We put our waders on to gear up for a pool and by the time I had my waders on my hands were freezing! I said, lets go find some sun in the upper river so we jumped in the jeep and moved on. At this point I think we were both thinking this day may be a right-off! Well we sucked it up and headed to one of the upper pools. As I worked the shoreline my boots froze to every rock I stood on needless to say my line & guides were also icing up badly! I reflected on the many days I have done this in the past & questioned why! Am I getting too old for walking down icy river banks risking my life for a fish? One thing I always stand by is don't be too quick to judge the situation and give things a chance,  I'm glad I did. Temps slowly warmed up although it didn't make it above -3; I guess one gets aclimated after loosing the feeling in their finger tips:) Did I mention that the river was in beautiful shape, that probably was the one thing that like usual keeps a fisherman focused on why they are WORKING for fish. We fished a couple of pools and I managed to hook a fish while picking up my line to cast but soon lost it after a few head shakes. We moved on and went for a quick bite and then headed down to the lower river to try a run. This entailed crossing a tailout to access this beautiful run from the other side. As we made our way across & up there was a small slot on the far side which I thought I would cast into with a slight chance of  hooking up a fish.  I told my buddy to head to the pool and have the first run through so he proceeded on. I made a few casts into the slot and managed to snag up a rock so I waded closer to the run to get my fly out. I made a couple more casts and there it was! This fish was your perfect 12lb chrome & white Hen Steelhead leaping out of the water more than 7 times! Nothing the rest of the day felt cold! We didn't encounter any more fish but fished some awesome water with our Spey Rods. I never did get a photo of the fish as my friend was too far upstream to come down & grab the picture. You have all seen Steelhead pictures and if you look at the one headlining this blog, it looked much the same just a lighter green back and slightly more slender. As an alternative to the fish pic I have posted the fly I used; I can't say enough about bunny leaches / worms, they are the simplist flies to tie and certainly one of the most productive steelhead flies on the planet! with all the right combinations of colors / weight for your steelhead fishing situation, these flies are all you need. I will be selling these flies and many other Steelhead / Salmon tube flies through this Blog ASAP. If anyones interested in tube flies please contact me;  flyguide@telus.net  for more info. Steelhead are upon us, time to go fishing:)