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Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Steelhead Vancouver Island / historic addition

 It's always nice to reflect on those beautie's of recent past fishing days... This was one of the first Winter Steelhead I caught after returning to Vancouver Island 3 seasons ago. It was on a nearby River in February and it was the classic situation. The cast prior to hooking up I had a good tug & I thought I'm sure I got a good pull there? Casting another Single Spey back into position for another swing proved this beauty Steely,  You know, tailing this fish for a pic wasn't so easy, I had it in shallow water resting up against my legs & searching for my camera I managed to get an angle and shoot a few photos (which I'm glad now that I worked hard to get).
Guiding on the Skeena & Nass watersheds for the previous 7yrs made me realize one thing that I somehow had forgotten. There's no fish like a fresh Winter Steelhead on Vancouver Island. They may not size up to a Skeena fish all the time but catching these fish close to the ocean in pristine clear water is something all-together different. Don't get me wrong, I love all the Steelhead fisheries I've fished in BC and they all shine in different ways but I've caught many a 18 - 20lb Steelhead on Skeena waters that were slightly sluggish in comparison to these awesome chromers that don't give you the time of day to think when hooked up!
There have been good reports so far for the rivers in our area for winter fishing. When I've been able to make it out they've treated me well too. I hope the season will progress with strong runs of these much overlooked fish. Many anglers I know on the Island have given up on Steelhead fishing for one reason or  another and it's too little interest that may be the demize of our greatest sports fish of the westcoast one day. I hope this picture may encourage some of you to get out there and hopefully you'll be reminded of why this sport had you completely out of your mind once upon a time; then I won't feel so lonely out there hooking them all to myself:) We still have great Steelhead fishing and the greater the interest in angling for these fish, the more people may stand up and take action to keep protecting these great fisheries for generations to come! Wishin you all great fishin! Happy Holidays:)