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Monday, December 20, 2010

Hair of the Dog (Temple Dog Hair-Wing Flies)

Temple Dog Hair is likely the most lifelike of all hairs when wet! I like using Arctic Fox for a lot of my hair-wing patterns but getting hair even up to 3 inches long can be a challenge. I can usually get Temple Dog Hair 4+ inches and this stuff is even more lifelike than Arctic Fox for a little more $. There's something about tying and fishing these patterns averaging 4 inches long that is just awesome when fishing large rivers on Vancouver Island for Winter Steelhead!These flies are tied on 2 inch long plastic tubes, an under-wing of calf tail, Kens glitter wing hair:) and of course topped with Pink Temple Dog. Finished off with real Jungle Cock Cheeks. Fairly easy full dressed patterns that look awesome in the water and catch fish! Flies like these are available on my online Tube Fly Shop at http://www.bcflyguide.com/flies.html 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kens Tube Fly Shop

You can now purchase Kens tube flies on line! Visit our fly shop on our web site at www.bcflyguide.com and click the fly shop page to see what we offer! Please give us any feed back regarding flies you would like to see on there or anything else that may improve your buying experience while shopping on our site. We hope to hear from you and thanks for viewing our blog!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fishing Home Waters (Cutthroat Heaven)

Today I did something I have considered doing for a long time but never did. I put my gear in my kayak and wheeled it and my pup Parker for 45 minutes up the road, over the hill and around the bend to the bridge that crosses over the Quinsam River, the main tributary of the Campbell river. No need for waders today, I was soaked from head to toe with sweat for this forever feeling trek, dragging along 100lbs of gear; next time wader up once there and I will confess this was probably the best workout I've had in a while! I spent around 3 hrs fishing the little bit of good looking water the Quinsam River offered in hopes of maybe a nice fresh steelhead but no luck there! I did manage 3 nice sea-run cutthroat on the line though. I had a great pull at the end of my swing at one point but missed what felt like a large fish, in my mind a possible Steelhead! after fishing 5-6 more casts I change flies and fished for a while in that same section of the run but nothing so I pressed on through stepping through to the tailout. then it came again, this beauty cutthroat that might be the largest cutt I've ever caught in this watershed. What an awesome fish! It was sluggish in that snow melt water but progressively woke up as the fight went on!
My fishing buddy on the boat also enjoyed the day! This is a good stream that has what I believe a decent run of Steelhead that most of us don't get a chance at with rod in hand as I feel these Steelies boot above the Hatchery where one can't fish in Steelhead season. What a great place to live for fishing adventures:)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fishing Buddy

Going through some pics today I found this one... It instantly made me smile and then I thought I should share it! What a pain in the butt he is but having him with me when fishing alone is nice at times... He will endure the coldest days to be out there with me and there isn't much insulation on him as you can see:) he's a great swimmer, often crossing runs behind me and never hesitates which at times can be a concern... he may have bobbed under a few trees along the way too but don't tell my wife! If I lost him I'd be better off permanently fishing :) He's the boat mascot too having to be right up on the bow waiting to fall in while zooming along. PARKER, THE CRAZY FISHING PUP! gotta love him:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meeting in the middle! Spey Flies tube style...

 After writing the last post I was slightly torn about my spey fly comments... I do love Spey Style flies and the simplicity of them. I think when they were originally tied they were the more practical patterns of their time! What most attracted me to Spey Flies was their slender profile and long hackles that came to life when fished. The hooks they were tied on were very cool to look at but not overly great to fish! They were also expensive and being a long shank hook didn't help with good hook-ups...
 I think In the past I had dabbled with tying these patterns on tubes but never was excited with the results. First off was because of the tubing I tied them on, your typical 1/8th tubing which by the time you wrapped a body over the tube made the Spey Pattern too bulky; in my opinion when all was said and done lost the fly lost it's slender profile which makes these patterns attractive... I tied one up today on my flex tubing, the tubing i use for my worm patterns and I think it turned out nice. The tubing is as skinny as it gets which helped to start. I compromised the spey fly rules a little to make this fly more practical for fishing by adding a tungsten cone head to it. This pattern will now get you to the fish when fishing large winter rivers and deep water. Now it's time to put the Tube Spey Fly to the test!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Tubes Flies?

 I often get the question "why tube flies? Simply put I reply, "they are the most practical & versatile flies for Salmon & Steelhead fishing"! You can buy our tube flies at our Tube fly Shop page at www.bcflyguide.com
Years ago I had a major fetish for Spey Flies and for a long time that's all I would fish! I had spent many hours tying up an awesome box of very expensive flies which were on very expensive hooks but one day opened a box of rust! Don't get me wrong, I still love fishing these traditional patterns but they aren't overly practical for one who spends plenty of time in a rainy coastal climate. One year I decided to tie some tubes with not too much thought about them but more for the novelty of fishing something different! I tied up some marabou flies in various colors to start and did like them but wasn't overly excited, they were OK but they weren't those cool traditional Spey Patterns I spent time to tie & fish, dreaming about those long Heron hackles pulsating through that long run of just the right depth and flow... STOP!!!! lets get back to reality. I rarely hooked fish on those patterns and as a matter of fact I think I spent more time looking for Heron Hackles than I did playing fish! I like tradition occasionally but sometimes It's just not practical! Point is the next thing I know is I'm hooking more fish, my friends are using my flies and I'm tying up patterns for my other friends who are secretly fishing them under a float on the Stamp River and cleaning up behind all the other anglers... Sometimes you need a good knock on the head and I guess in a round about way it was for me. The more I tied up these flies the more it seemed to be more practical and beneficial! The only thing I will note is that unless the fly is medium to large in size (#6 hook or larger) some patterns just don't make good sense tying on tubes. But when fishing larger flies, especially lengthy ones tubes make perfect sense! Most advantages are related to the hooks we use when fishing these flies. Large long shank hooks have a lot of leverage on the bend of the hook when hooked up on fish, placing a lot of movement on the hook itself while fighting a fish to shore. Now consider fishing that same long fly on a tube with a short octopus style hook behind it! There are 2 benefits here. One is the obvious that your hook isn't likely moving much at all when that crazy fish is bouncing on the end of your line. The other is once hooked up on a fish tube flies tend to slip up the line out of the fishes mouth also preventing the fly from getting torn up. Maybe this isn't a big deal but not a bad thing either! One other great advantage I realized was that many of the flies I tied worked great for all different species of fish so when the trout were biting that fly I'd switch to a smaller hook, and when targeting Kings I put on a larger hook. I would also at
times stack one fly on another to enlarge a pattern which made an articulating fly of any color combo I wanted! Today, many years later my attraction for tubes has come a long way and many companies are offering a whole line up of tubes and cone heads of various colors and weights making them believe it or not even more practical to use... The top picture has a pair of flies that I tied with some product that gives you color coordinated cone heads & tubing. This is a very easy to tie effective fly with just the right weight balance with a tungsten cone-head! As simple and effective fly that looks great!
Another great advantage I came across years ago guiding Skeena River country was tying skater flies on plastic tubes. Since then I have designed tubes that are most reliable in staying on top in the roughest of water. Makes many people wonder how rough a piece of water one would skate a fly on but I have experienced some of the most exciting fishing where that fly is literally shooting water off  its front end in rapids and large chrome Steelhead are taking a whack at them! Oh ya, Trout & Steelhead on Vancouver Island like this too at times... Well enough said, If the above doesn't convince one new to tube flies to give them a try nothing will and I'd rather be fishing them than talking about them...

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Chummy Day On Remote Waters

Chum / Dog Salmon are great sport fish! Among the locals who have been fishing the Campbell River area most of their lives, most will agree that Chum are some of the best fighters and sportiest fish when bright and healthy. Not only for the fly guy who likes a challenge but in saltwater too amongst the charter boat / gear fisherman. For the most part when you hook a chum you're in for a job getting it to hand. I have seen these fish take more fly lines from uneducated fly-fisherman than any other fish! They are known for being brute pullers more than anything else but I have also seen them jump and do all the things a fish can to attempt breaking you off... The funny thing to me when guiding these great fish is how many clients think they have foul hooked these fish after getting pulled around the pool endlessly! "Are you sure Ken, seems fouled" they'll often say! And then "I mean I just can't turn him"!! Often at the end of the fight you hear "bloody hell Ken" or "Gawd Damn they can pull can't they"! :) The one thing about Chums more so than any of our other Pacific Salmon is, timing is of the essence! These fish turn extremely fast in fresh water to spawning mode here on Vancouver Island. They are the last to arrive of all our salmon and typically get to business soon after arriving to the river. It's best finding these fish near saltwater within the lower reaches of the watersheds. When caught like this one in the picture just following a flood tide & just above tidal waters, they are a great  fish to target ending our main guiding season. Thanks to everyone who joined us this great 2010 season. Lucky for us residents the attention now turns to hunting for early Winter Steelhead within the next week or two. I hope some of you will consider a winter trip for in my opinion the best fishing we have to offer on the Island from Dec - May; It's Winter Steelhead time...!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Todays Fly! Winter Wing Tube Fly

A great color combination for many Winter Steelhead rivers on Vancouver Island. I placed this fly on my hand to show size of the pattern which is approximately the size I personally like to fish when swinging flies on large waters... The cone head is 1.8grams getting this winter wing fly down to places where Steelhead don`t like things intruding in their space! when tying flies like this one should consider how they stack the wing, starting with firmer materials and building the more supple lifelike materials on top. This pattern has Finn Raccoon for the white part of the wing which is some of the most life like material I have ever used... the Guard hairs on this material I also leave in because they seem somewhat reflective (translucent) similar to polar bear. Flies like this one will be on my upcoming fly page on my web site at www.bcflyguide.com where those who don`t tie flies can purchase some. I will post when my fly page is available (hopefully soon) so please do have a visit then and give me feedback, any comments are welcome as this will be new for me and I want it to be as good as possible.

 Winter Wing Recipe

  •  pink eumer tubing
  • Tail : glitter hair on flashabou
  • Body : oval silver rib over single strand pink wool with pink saddle hackle palmered along rib
  • Wing : glitter hair, pink arctic fox, white finn Raccoon, topping of flashabou
  • Collar : Pink Shlappen
Click on the pic to enlarge, enjoy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Steelheading Flyfishing in Paradise!

Beauty fish... Vancouver Island Steelhead take you to some of the most pristine waters on the planet! Fishing these places are dreamy at the best of times, waters one might have a dream about when thinking of throwing a dry fly to the perfect pool of that stream flowing out of those majestic mountains. These perfect pools we have in abundance, not always holding fish but when they do no New Zealand trout fishery compares to that of one holding sea-bright Steelhead. I say this because many of my clientele compare some of these rivers to those fisheries from down under, the ones that are so renown and prized as world class fishing destinations... Ours are limited, some of few on the planet offering fishing experiences like no other. Flowing through old growth forests that are a pleasure to walk through bringing you to fly-fishing paradise! This great fish you see is the icing on the cake that really isn't the prize at the end of the day, although it's a nice bonus! The prize is within the moment of being lucky enough to experience this truely spectacular environment for everything it isn't, in todays civilized society; it's pure serenity, a slow paced environment that doesn't allow one to move quickly with too many thoughts! When you leave these places it brings most of us down to reality for a short moment before re-entering this fast paced place we have made this planet... For some of us it puts clear perspective on the more important things one should focus on... What a powerful fish these are even when we don't come in contact with them :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Summer Steelhead Oct 18th / 10

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This little Steelhead was a great sport! We sight fished this steelhead who was in a tail-out below many Coho... We presented many flies to her with a little interest starting with small subtle patterns and progressed to larger & larger ones as the challenge continued... This fish loved one of the flies and actually had it in its mouth 6 times even chasing it after the fly was pulled out of her mouth. Then she disappeared up into the depths of the pool and we thought we were at a loss! When we came back she was there again. I tied on a large Olive colored leach which she didn't want to have anything to do with and simply hunkered down in her lie. I went to a brilliant hot orange leach (BC orange we call it) and she hated it so much that the fish swam 4 feet to eat it and didn't let go! All this time working for this fish; cast 3 more inches of line I yelled to my client, shorten up a foot... feed it in so it gets deeper, SET THE F'N HOOK!!! :0 A well deserved fish and greatly rewarding at the end of it all. Not because of the fight nor the size of the fish but the circumstances and environment in which we had this awesome experience with this great little Wild Summer Steelhead:)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nice Cutthroat:) Oct 14th / 10

These fish are the ones that often keep us entertained when targeting Salmon & Steelhead on Vancouver Island when catching gets tough! This fish made my sport today pleased, even when fishing his 15ft meat stick! A great fish, just like a leopard rainbow with spots all throughout it's body... I'm sorry i didn't get a better picture as this one doesn't do this fish justice. We saw many fresh Coho on the move today but had no luck intercepting any... all in all a great day though!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friends Addition / Fall Coho Oct 12 / 2010

Fussy fish these Coho can be in freshwater on Vancouver Island, to the fly that is... Often times come up when you have what seems to be the best of conditions, perfect water and fresh chrome Coho (silvers) in perfect fly water. If this was the remedy for Steelhead I'd have no doubt that it's going to be a good day on the water. Pacific salmon are very different! On some rivers in BC without a doubt if your within reach of some fresh Coho you're able to catch them on a fly. This is not the case for some Vancouver Island rivers where you can put every fly imaginable past these perfect sea bright fish without a taker. Then the guy with the spoon shows up and "FISH ON" within a few casts if not the first! And no not the keener gear guy either, I'm talking about the 6yr old fishing with dad who casts it out there any old way they can:) Wonderful fishing is at times and great for gear fishing that it allows the youngster an experience that often hooks one for life. This is what often turns people on to the finer art of casting a fly  in their future.... Venturing back to the pristine waters that never seems to stop flowing through their veins since their first experience! For any of you fly guys who gets discouraged like I can at times, especially guiding these fly fussy fish, It's a quick slap in the face to bring it all into perspective as to why we fly fish! The challenge which sometimes never rewards one with a fish but keeps them Valuing the occasional hookup. I know that sometimes catching success is better for these great fighters on the saltwater beaches but I also know that it can be tough to hook Coho even when they are swarming around you and your casting spoons!! So at the end of all this I still prefer the fly-fishing challenges that still keep me subconsciously thinking of the perfect fly / approach to that water where you find chrome silvers swarming in that perfect pool! Oh ya, I guess I should tell you that that the fella holding this fish in the pic is a saltwater guy at heart, but also enjoys pulling them out of freshwater when he can, nice fish Vince!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Guide Update Sept 27th / 2010

Wonderful Vancouver Island, the land of wild Steelhead... A rainy day on the water, tough fishing but with a nice result. this fish leaped nearly 5 feet out of the water 3 times, pretty awesome! Convincing Steelhead to eat your fly isn't typically hard to do but the key is finding them in the ideal water. This fish was in water that looked easy to cover but every time you threw your fly into it the current would send it off in a different direction! After finding the proper line we convinced this fish to grab on! a fish of a number of casts but it was worth it:)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Awesome Steelhead Tubefly!

This is my tube fly of choice if there was ever one pattern to have in my fly box! This fly has all the makings of a successful Steelhead fly. With multiple strands flowing freely, there's nothing as lifelike as marabou in the water... This pattern is not over designed to resemble any one thing and this is one thing I have learned about most great patterns with great catching success! It is also easily tied and productive in all the great colors one should have for all coastal waters. Personally I don't find a lot of use for fishing Orange but there are places where it's most successful like the tannen waters on the most northern Vancouver Island rivers. When fished properly this pattern is most practical too. I prefer to fish almost all my tube flies without a hook lock and ones that are 3 dimensional can pivot on the line without fowling themselves allowing them to always swim properly. I also tie this fly with tungsten coneheads for added weight when needed. The only downfall to marabou is it isn't durable like other materials but most of the time I've never really had an issue with this... Worse case scenario is that large Steelhead you just released tore it up! That's not likely though as typically this fly slides up the line when a fish is hooked. One of the greatest things about this pattern while casting is it doesn't retain water like other materials so picking it up out of the water etc is easier making your casting experience nicer as the day flies past! This is the standby pattern in many colors that many of the guides I've worked with lived by for many years on mighty Skeena waters and one I will always have in my flybox on Vancouver Island where I originally started tying this great fly many years ago.

Marabou tube fly Recipe
  1. plastic tubing 1.25 inches in length
  2. Body, ball of yarn 3/4 forward from tail end (3 wraps of chenille)
  3. marabou tied in at tip and wrapped palmered spey style.
  4. 5-10 strands ostrich herl tied over marabou
  5. a preference of flash tied over marabou (e.g. flashabou, crystal flash... )
  6. collar, Shlappen hackle.
  7. finish with head of thread or slip on proper fitted cone head 
  8. optional weight could be lead eyes or metal tubing (Copper, Brass)
Go fish this great fly on any waters for Steelhead, Salmon and even trout,especially while swinging a fly! Don't tie flies, contact Ken at flyguide@telus.net to purchase some and stay posted for our upcoming fly page on our web site www.bcflyguide.com

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vancouver Island Flyfishing for Steelhead! 12/09/10 catch!

Imagine the ultimate trout stream, fishing for giant wild rainbows... A stream that resembles New Zealand waters but with much stronger fish! Above all this these Rainbow Trout are Wild Steelhead! Fish that have survived all the element that the pacific ocean can throw at them, but have made it back to their home stream where they will reside for the next 8 months. This is the Small Stream Summer Steelhead fishing on Vancouver Island that I know well. It's not the fishing that most anglers relate Steelhead fly-fishing to be! The popularity of swinging flies on larger waters using large flies with two handed rods & heavy sink tips! I love that kind of fishing too and spend many days on Vancouver Island fishing this style! The summer fishery I'm referring to is a rare and highly rewarding one. It's an incredible experience sight fishing wild Steelhead that are so aggressive they will even chase a dry fly for several meters! What trout fishing could be more exhilarating? These are confident fish that have designed themselves over time and are quite comfortable hiding amongst these mountain streams no salmon ever enter! Many anglers feel intimidated with this great fishing opportunity. One that has to be approached with the most of care, at a slow pace many anglers just don't have the patience and confidence for! This leaves these great waters for the anglers who most cherish Steelhead fishing in any form...The Sport of Steelheading on Vancouver island is more than the over popular Spey fishing & swinging flies! It's also the traditional trout style of fly-fishing, angling small rivers with single hand rods, dead drifting dry flies and wet flies with a floating line; for the greatest trout on the planet!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Worm fly!

This worm fly has been one of my favorites over the last two winters... My main attraction to this pattern over bunny leaches was it's glowing translucent looks, much like a real worm in the water, almost see though but with an added glow! A friend showed a version of this pattern which I have slightly modified. This is a pattern that was originally tied on a short shank with a stinger hook several inches back from the shank! The majority of the body was wrapped around the fishing line used to attach the stinger hook... I have recently found some thin & very flexible tubing that is also quite durable which when I found this tubing I had this fly in mind....  Tying this fly the other way was a pain in the butt! It was timely and really not a pretty result. Today I fished on the lower Campbell tempting some Chinook to the fly on the only run I personally know of that they may actually eat the fly in all of the Campbell River... No I didn't even try this pattern but rather a large bait pattern, red & black with a lot of flash. I did hook two fish, one fight was short lived and the other pulled my arm off for a while and then let go! I often feel fishing these big brutes is non-sense anyhow but occasionally I like to give it a go! After fishing I tied on the new version of the worm fly to test it's durability and see how it looked in the water, I was pleased with the results! I think I'm on to some new tubing and a better pattern overall:) Watch out Winter Steelies!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quick Update

We've has some good catching lately...  The coho we've encountered have been large in size but aren't big biters... something in the water I guess or lack there of. We saw Orcas again at the mouth of a droughted river that is in dire need of rain; maybe that's why these fish aren't cooperating! We hooked one large Coho which broke my clients line shortly after hooking, just not much luck with these large Silvers... Today we hooked dollies & pinks, encountered a bear, eagle and whales all competing for our precious fish:) The summer steelhead are still biting well in this low water and some are even taking a shot at our dry flies... the rain is landing as we speak and I pray it makes it to the rivers:) I guided some guests from Dolphins Resort today, great people with a passion to fish in any conditions, even with the 25knot wind we had they kept on casting with no hesitation, simply charming... they caught fish too! Fall is on the horizon and with it comes new fish and hopefully more water:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kens Fishing Update

A great experience for one of my guests after hooking a couple of beauty little Summer Steelhead. This awesome little fish ripped up the pool yesterday cartwheeling around and showing what any Steelhead is all about. Aggressive, full of strength and not to take for granted! We had a fish take a look at our dry fly but deny it so we chose to try a small wet pattern and hooked up on two fish within 10 minutes. The first fish tore up the pool leaping in every direction over 5 times. Our waters couldn't be much lower so fishing carefully making efforts with every cast being just right pays off... Small patterns casting upstream from behind the fish is best with these conditions. Rain would be well received right now but a fishing guide simply doesn't have those powers so make the best of it and sometimes great results come along! There's bigger fish in the pools but we're happy with any wild Summer Steelhead willing to play, need to get out again soon after my mouth heals from getting my wisdom teeth pulled this morning, dentists aren't nice are they?!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Incidental Catch!

Well not really! Fly-fishing the ocean beaches has its benefits even when the salmon fishing gets put off! We had a great day on the water last Friday, the conditions were beautiful, glassy waters most of the day with migrating salmon of all kinds pushing through our gin clear waters, simply put you could see everything swimming by! We had managed to hook some fish through out the day, fresh chrome salmon chasing our flies, sometimes denying our presentations but what could be more exciting than watching pods of chrome Salmon coming and going with the push of the tides occasionally taking interest in our flies!!...     The day was coming to an end with tired smiles on our faces as we gave in to picking up the crab traps and calling it a day! The undersized crabs loved our traps, with several just under the legal limit, crabby deal I'd say! The fish seemed to have completely disappeared within our range of sight and everything seemed quieter, then some odd blowing noises, Whales! We quickly pulled the traps and headed towards the point of the bay anticipating an encounter, in the distance were large Orca fins working right towards us. We shut down the motor and waited... Peaceful quiet surroundings, glassy crystal clear waters and then up they came right beside my 15 foot boat were these awesome creatures. The young one of the pod swam just under the surface beside the boat and turned and looked at us as it progressed on by followed by other adults from this pod of giants. I certainly couldn't think of a better way to end a trip on the water. For a moment it made our serious fishing moment feel so insignificant, but just for a moment....:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guide Update Aug 3 / 10

Our home pool has been incredible fishing over the last 10 days... Fishing floating lines & and weighted flies for these sea-bright Pink Salmon. We have also been hooking some larger fish this season in more recent days with some reaching 7lbs. A number of times we weren't certain if we had foul hooked some of these fish that ran into the backing being unable to turn them, as the fight progressed realizing these fish are just fighting incredibly hard! We have had 30 fish days and the fish are still pushing up the river in great numbers. This is another great return of fish that we are blessed to see here on the Campbell River. Bright Fish in Bright Waters is what we call it when you can target these fish at there best in the perfect location on the river; something that is of great importance when fishing Pacific Salmon in our freshwater. When fishing any of the pacific salmon species, timing and location is everything and we certainly have the location and the time is now:)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Campbell River Pink Salmon

Don't Try this at Home! I've been slow at putting posts on lately, but I like to place new thing's that haven't been done on the blog when possible... I thought this would be a nice added touch, a little live footage taken this morning as an unexpected friend showed up while I was landscaping. I set him up and away he went, hooking chrome salmon in my back yard with sea lice still on them. Fishing Pink Salmon on the home pool can be a blast, these fish are sometimes off the bite and then, WHAM, you'll hook 6 in a row! Other times you can't keep them off and only being half a kilometer from tidal water makes this a great place to hook up! Let us know your favorite Pink Salmon Fly, ours is My Slip Stream posted on one of our first of this blog fished on a floating line with a long leader. Hope you enjoyed the Video:)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friends Flies

A friend of mine is a saltwater fly-fishing fanatic! Does this mean he catches more fish than me, NO!! :) All kidding aside, he has spent many days chasing salmon in the chuck with fly-rod in hand. Here's some patterns he sent me to view. He said "Blog On" if you wish dude so here's a few flies that I've seen more than once in his fly box, this could only mean that they truly work!
  Epoxy flies are very durable and can keep on hooking salmon without falling apart. A benefit everyone likes when spending many hours at the tying bench. There are other products that work like epoxy, clear acrylic is one of them. Tuffleye www.info@wetahook.net is another option, this product can be cured much faster than epoxy. There are other products out there similar to Tuffleye for those looking to tie bait patterns with more durability. Contact Nile Creek fly shop to see the product they carry as well. www.nilecreekflyshop.com
One should consider some of the above as an option if tying salt-waters flies on a regular basis.By the way, now's the time to be on the Salt casting those patterns to feeding salmon & sea-run Trout. Fishing Vancouver Island saltwater beaches will be good until late Oct depending on the location and river conditions, FISH ON!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally A Post!

Hello From Campbell River.... I apologize for the lack of posts, there's more to come very soon:)

 Our neighborhood has lost a gentlemen that was one of the last of his era, Van Egan. Van was a good friend of Roderick Haig-Brown, a passionate fisherman and writer of all things we as anglers of the coast love.  I did not know him well but feel a close connection due to our similar passions on the water. I'm certain he lived his life just as he wanted it, in his home on the river till the end, he will be missed.  

With many things in the works I have not found too much time on the water to give you true honest fishing updates. I have been out a little but it's only been an hour here & there, nothing I can consider a true fishing day. I will bring everyone interested up to speed on whats going on in our area! First off I have to say it's been the oddest season since the new year for weather conditions, we had a warm winter, flowers were growing on our property the end of January! This in mind I thought we'd be in for a drought of a summer as spring would have come early, not so... When May & June came along it stayed cool out. Other than our past week of a heat wave our weather has stayed mostly below 20c. Relating this to the fishing; A good season ahead for water levels on smaller rivers that tend to drop out as the summer progresses,  these water levels should make for great fishing! Up until last week The Campbell River has been the same size since April  making it simply unfishable and tough to find fish in for those crazy enough to challenge it's heavy flows... In this past week I have seen many good things come along with the lower flows; the Pink Salmon are slowly poking in the watershed... The other night we watched a seal swim through the home pool, that can only mean the numbers of fish must be getting significant.
Last week I guided a fellow for 2 days, we fished a Summer Steelhead river that was also flowing large but for the better! We found some Steelhead that actually chased his fly, One actually had the fly in it's mouth twice but he couldn't manage to hook it up! A crazy day it was where the fishing gods just didn't let up:) On Friday we floated the Campbell, my client hooked many trout, a few of decent size but for the most part small tiddlers. As we floated down the river we made a stop at a run and encountered about 30 fresh Pink Salmon. None of them would take our flies so it was tough catching for a couple of days, good thing it's not all about that!!

I've managed some saltwater fly-fishing but it's been a windy July so far making this fishery not so ideal. I've talked to many charter guides who say the Coho seem to be in great numbers out there and we're expecting a record return of coho according to BC Fisheries & Oceans. They have also made the opening for Pink Salmon in the river a month earlier than usual, starting on July 15th, this must mean hey are expecting great numbers if Pinks too! I hooked a nice fish yesterday near the mouth of the Campbell down the beach  that I lost while casting a Bait Pattern. Running my Jet Boat back up the river to home I stopped at a run to again hook another fish that came off the line all too fast; this fish picked up the fly while I was stripping in to make a cast, a fishing curse when this happens as it's hard to get a good hook-up. another heavy feeling fish that I never had the chance to Identify! I landed a beauty Sea-Run Cutthroat yesterday near tidal water that I thought was a Pink Salmon, a good trout indeed. In the minimal time I've been on the water this last month fishing's been positive when I've been out.

Not being able to be on the water so much I have made many upgrades close to home; I've worked on my Jet Boat, Raft, fishing rods, flies and property, nothing unusual for any married man I guess:) Most importantly I have spent a lot of time with my son who's now on summer holidays. It's not wrong to take the jet boat up to the lake for pleasure is it? It makes a great craft for swimming off  when the sun is high and I can't be casting at Chromers.

The busy fishing days are just ahead!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Saltwater Flies

With so much opportunity for saltwater fly-fishing around here I feel that I've barely scratched the surface! Literally... we around the inside passage have a great fishery that allows us to fish the saltwater beaches with simple outfits, a 7wt rod and a floating line, some leader and a bait pattern of any sort seems to work! This is a luxury that most coastal areas don't have. The west coast of the island seems more rugged deep shorelines where most people fish with full sinking lines and often on rough water to boot! On occasion I guide the beaches on the inside of Vancouver Island and at times it's unbeatable action for Salmon, sea-run Dolly Varden & Cutthroat trout. Usually fishing for Coho or Pinks when targeting Salmon on the beaches but we have hooked the odd Spring / Chinook Salmon as well which makes me wonder if we got a little more serious about this opportunity how we'd succeed. I will try my best to focus more on this saltwater fishery this season; I've been telling myself to do this for several years now but typically I'm short on time or too focused on the freshwater fisheries which are dear to my heart! Please comment on this post if you have any insight to my ventures to go a little deeper for the unknown fly-fishing possibilities nearby, do you think the squid fly should work? I'm definately going to give this some more time this season as I feel it's highly overlooked:)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skeena Trip May 2 - 10 / 2010

I haven't been back to the Terrace / Skeena area since I sold my partnership of Spey Lodge 4 years ago; simply put, I was due for a trip. I made it up there at the beginning of the month, a time when I have always enjoyed the possibilities of hooking some spring Steelhead, trout and a possible early Spring Salmon. Well when traveling to fly-fish for migratory fish one is always gambling their timing and for me it was completely off... However, I didn't just go for the fishing, I have many friends up there still living in this secluded environment among great waters and it was good to see them and share fishing days like we used to on a regular basis. A part of me still lives in Skeena country and  always will as like any other fly-fisherman who loves wild Steelhead & Salmon there's no better place on the planet to swing the two handed rods on big water! I had never seen conditions like the week I was there in the month of may, very low water like early March conditions. We fished many a great place like the main stem Skeena, Kalum, and tribs of the Nass where the Steelhead pic was taken. I caught many Dolly Varden, both sea-run and resident fish and that was OK as we don't have them on the Island to be readily caught while swinging flies for Steelhead. My old Jet- boat pictured with 2 of my good fishing friends on the main-stem were at a loss for what the fish were up to when we were there; they faired well the week following my visit for both Steelhead and Sping Salmon. Typical of what the traveling angler gets from his guide reports on occasion, should have been here bla bla bla.... so like anywhere including Vancouver Island, timing is everything when looking for migratory fish! But be very clear on what timing means; not when the run is supposed to be peaking but when water conditions are ideal and that's something that you must gamble when booking in advance. If rivers have been low for a while, it's likely that the fishing is going to be tough. On the last day of my fishing trip I convinced my buddy to take out the little Jet, a stealthy way to get to fish without running over their heads in gin clear water! We floated this little inflatable Jet down through awesome runs and sighted just about every stone on the bottom of the River that day which I have never been able to say before. It is clear why this river is such a success for wild returning fish, it is one of a kind. On this day we did hook some dollies and saw a early spring in the tail out of a very long slow pool and close by the Chinook was a Steelhead too! They were spooked before we could even get close to them but nice to see. Being able to float down and then Jet back up river is a great option when needed, probably my favorite day of the trip even though we were skunked:) In a few weeks from now I hope to be on to some Summer Steelhead here on the Island, I just can't wait!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seasonal Worm Hatch! Apr 6 / 10

Every season at some point in the spring you get a combination of conditions that bring out the worms in great numbers. As most of us BC Steelheaders know, fishing worm imitations in big water produces great results. On this particular day when arriving to the put in to do a float trip for Steelhead we weren't sure what to expect of the river! We had a major storm the night before with 90km winds & rain... At 3 in the morning I was thinking I would have to cancel my guide trip in the morning as it was blowing out of control on my property, one of my boats ended up in the neighbors property!! When I woke up it was dead calm out. Well I got things together and picked up my guest. The river was in great form that day, just a bit of color and vibrant with life and when putting the boat in I noticed worms everywhere I looked... This made me feel very good about our upcoming day on the water! By 10 in the morning my guest had already landed 2 beauty Steelhead. As the day progressed 5 Steelhead came to the fly and a few Cutthroat. The Cutts were both pop bellied full of something that I first thought were likely fry. Then a friend who lived on this particular river his whole life had mentioned to me that every year at some point there's a worm hatch and the trout just gorge themselves on them.... How did I overlook that:) These pics are from that day, one poor pic of a Cutt with a worm fly in it's mouth and the other of it at hand...It's hard to tell how round it's belly was in this pic but I can tell you they were well fed that day! I wonder how hard it is for Steelhead to not digest these slithering treats that they hammer them as soon as they enter the pool? I guess it would be great food for the Kelts dropping out and better yet maybe it's a diversion for the fry to escape easier... No, that's thinking too much I think:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guiding Update March 31st / 10

We've had some great fishing on the north Island for Steelhead this last week! Of course when conditions a right at the right time of year what more can one ask for... The nastier the weather, the better the fishing and you soon forget about the cold wet weather you often endure to make fishing dreams reality! In saying this these pics were taken yesterday and it was primarily sunny & warm out...Multiple Steelhead hook-ups make the day go too fast. Some fish you don't even get close to as they seem to be running before they hit your fly, when you get the take it's instantly into your backing!! Heart Stoppers we call them, it's there game and your just holding on for the ride. The month of April looks very promising and from what I hear Vancouver Island has had some banner Steelhead returns on many of it's rivers this winter, I wish I could be more than one place at a time! If you want to float beautiful Vancouver Island rivers for these great wild fish in the next few weeks give us a call. Bring out the big bugs and lets swing them for awesome Wild Steelhead ready to tear them up and sometimes spit them out! Oh well, can't win them all:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kens Tube Flies

Here is a pic I received from a friend who loves using my marabou tubes! He had recently purchased some of these flies from me for his Steelhead ventures abound. This style of marabou tube fly is the one that we lived by for many years as a wet pattern for Steelhead in the Skeena area and Vancouver Island. I tie these flies to fish, guide & sell in many color combos weighted and unweighted on plastic tubes. I use cone heads for weight and traditionally used lead eyes. I found that the lead eyes actually worked great compared to tying them on hooks, tied on the plastic tube they didn't move around or break off like they did when fishing them on hooks. There has been many a Steelhead hooked & landed with these patterns. They're lively action and suppleness makes them irresistable once a Steelhead pics them up. I found using supple flies in slow moving cold water was by far the best approach as with more rigid flies it seemed that if a fish bumped them and the fisherman wasn't on the hookup right away the Steelhead would let go of the fly quickly! With soft materials it seemed as though if a fish took a whack at your fly it didn't let go but instead just kept chewing and pulling on the fly wanting it more & more!!  When a fish has all the time in the world to feel your fly out like on a slow swing, soft flies are certainly more effective. Think about this next time your fishing that slow tank where Steelhead live. Want some Steelhead tube flies for your Steelhead ventures, look no further, I have a great selection of patterns to choose from in marabou, arctic fox, bunny leaches & more. Contact me anytime at flyguide@telus.net to place your order :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guide Update March 11 / 10

A couple of pups and a nice buck Steelie! Bringing the dogs fishing, a pain at times but how else do you train a dog to be good on the water than by taking it along for the ride... My dog Parker, the jack russel in the pic has been out on the water in boats fishing with me since I got him as a pup at 8 weeks old. I used to bring him down the Campbell River on my Kayak. Now, his favorite place to be is in any boat fishing with me! If I'm on the driveway hooking up the boat and he's in the house he goes completely mad! My friend also has a younger pup who has taken a liking to our fishing outings:) I have to say is there a better place for a dog to be? I know how I feel when I'm out there, maybe we're just dogs at heart:) Being in the elements, one with nature seems to be more and more valuble all the time for me. I often wonder what people who don't get to mingle with nature get along and keep sensible about who we are and our place here on this awesome planet. Mingling with nature and it's wild creatures is something that grounds me I guess when the world seems to be spinning all too fast! Then you hook a fish and everything seems to stand still... For me the reward of guiding is bringing people who don't get the chance to do this often into our environment and give them a quality time to the best of my ability. The picture here sort of sums things up. Everyone in this pic is enjoying themselves in wonder and in the moment... Ya I know, BLA, BLA , BLA... you get the picture right. I often seem to get caught up like many of us in home life / society and can get sucked into the everyday hussle! Motivating to get out on the river some days  is a challenge but never have I regretted being there once I got off my butt! I was out the other fishing on a low river, the wind blowing upstream and feeling like the catching may be a bit of a challenge and yes for the steelhead fishing it was! Some friends of mine bought some boats they wanted to try out so we took the day we had and went for it. As a result it was a big day rowing against the wind. We sighted one Steelhead but has some good trout fishing. I brought my 5wt and had a blast on a couple of spots for good size cutts, a rainbow and we even managed a dolly which I have never encountered in this particular river... I thought to myself, spring has sprung and the fish are getting more active all the time, soon we'll be smelling the Skunk Cabbage:)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vancouver Island Fishing Pictures / Friends Addition Feb 27th / 10

Every once in a while we all go on a bit of a skunk streak! How to beat it, just keep fishin!! Well I guess that paid for the fella holding this one as I know his luck has been a little tough lately steelheading over the winter... See through fins, and a bar of Steel for you! I'm jelous:) They don't get nicer than this anywhere.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friends Addition Feb 26 / 10

 An Island Angler sent me these great pictures from some of  his past fishing adventures. I thought they were great so I'm sharing them with you. These 2 pictures are great examples of our Vancouver Island Trout! I'm not sure but they are likely both sea-run fish that migrate into our rivers which is typically the case on the island. These pics are a reminder that our trout season is not far away now. Actually this winter season has kept the trout fishing somewhat on thoughout the year due to our warm temps.
I was out searching some areas the other day looking for possible new access points on one of my favoured steelhead fisheries. After sort of succeeding I ventured back towards Campbell River and then took a quick detour to a lake on route. I had heard from a friend that there was decent fishing happening there over the winter, very unusual for this particular lake as it is one of our deeper lakes that seems to turn off though winter months. I'm not so familiar with this lake as I have only made maybe a days effort on it in the past. I put my Kayak in quickly for a hours fishing and headed to where I assumed the creek flowed in at the head of the lake. I could hear the water flowing in and made my way towards it. Amazingly I was on the other side of the lake when I first heard it, lakes are a quiet peaceful place aren't they! A bit of a row later and still looking... After rowing completely to the farthest point across I viewed a little falls coming in behind some bushes and thought that had to be it! I started casting my fly towards the shoreline with plenty of doubt of a possible hook-up! I  was fishing a slipstream (my bait pattern) with lead eyes which I fish pretty religiously when on the river; being too lazy to change to a lake fly. Also I have major confidence in this fly in most situations, thinking if nothing else it should get some attention glowing in that crystal clear water. A few casts to the shoreline and nothing! The wind blew me down the shoreline a bit where there was some structure and I made another cast, as I stripped this fly in at a good pace it felt like it was dragging the bottom, then it came off and then tightened up again! Sure thing, I had a Cutthroat on. This long slender fish was a spawner good and hungry after doing his thing over the last month or so. A decent fish of about 16inches. I then managed 3 more fish before heading back to the Jeep. They were all Cutts, all had spawned already and quite aggressive to my fly. It was pretty cool as I could see these fish charge the fly broadside often coming slighly towards me making it hard to hook-up! Good fun and nice to see something different too! Thanks Huw for the photos, keep them coming!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Accessing Remote Steelhead Rivers on Vancouver Island

On Vancouver Island there are too many Rivers to explore for fishing opportunities for any one lifetime. Hiking & wading into rivers is often the only option as a lot of our waters are simply not accessible due to size and location. Others are accessible by floating with rafts & kayaks via roadside put-ins / take-out locations... Some rivers have Helicopter access where one can land on rock bars etc and of course most of us love this option if affordable, there is simply no greater way to get around our beautiful coast into remote areas! Another option is via Jet Boat for some waters that can only otherwise be accessed by Helicopter. Yesterday we went on one of these trips taking my new Jetboat into a river that simply isn't accessible any other way other than Helicopter. This is another one of those great Rivers you wonder if the Steelhead are currently residing in now that we're getting into prime season for winter fishing on Vancouver Island. For myself fishing has always been #1 about exploring waters, hunting for treasure! Yes the fish are always the bonus and when fishing some technics it's all about catching as the process is not always enjoyable; but when going out for the sake of sportfishing (in my case casting a fly) its more about the adventure and seeing & learning new water & places as the process is great fun!... On Vancouver Island there seems to be more mystery about our wtaers than most other places I've been on the Coast when hunting for Steelhead! In the end I feel greater rewarded when catching steelhead here and this seems to be instilled in my idea of Steelhead fishing. Yesterday we did not see any steelhead on this amazing watershed however I know they do exist here at times, maybe later in the season, who knows? We did manage to hook one nice size cutthroat trout and one Rainbow (possible small Steelhead / summer run) close to 3lbs. As we exited this river we also encountered a seal up the river 1km from salt! This may be a sign of chromers entering this rarely fished jem. We'll be back but not soon enough for my liking:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guide Fish / Feb 8th / 10

Well there be steelhead in them waters! Please ignore the Wanker holding the fish, What a beauty! Another larger one got away too!! This is what makes Steelhead dreams... Not just the fish but the day itself, awesome weather, good company and Wild specimens with see through fins in a beauty river to be had! The wormy thing in it's mouth is the ugliest fly around out of the water, wet it and it's all different... The thing looks like the nicest worm immitation ever:) Want to be guided for Wild Winter Steelhead on Vancouver Island Swinging a fly, now's a great time to consider! We're doing our best in keeping Vancouver Island Steelhead Dreams alive... Valuing our waters helps preserve our fisheries!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guide Update / The River Where Big Wild Steelhead Roam.

You know, it's been a while since I've had an opportunity to put a new Steelhead picture on this blog! A few reasons for this are New Sports / Clients loosing fish & another is I'm not interested in trying to take a picture of myself with a fish! The other day I worked my clients a long day on the river casting to endless beautiful runs & pools. These 2 fellows were Albertans new at Winter Steelhead fishing and very excited to be on this trip. They had a friend out on the Harris River on the south Island the day before who was float fishing and managed to land an 8lber. Although they were excited for their friend they were more interested in learning how to make it happen with a fly! As our day progressed these guys were pumped, occassionally they were getting grabs by Sea-run Cutthroats keeping their attention span to the top of their game... On occassion, we float through some large deep runs on this particular float where you can't even wade either side of the river to make a go at these fish tanks. Usually I just accept this fact and float on through thinking man what a place for fish to hang out! Well this time I encouraged my one guest to make a few casts while floating through! Both fellas were fishing single handed rods, major trout fishers from the interior who could make good casts but just a little new with the heavy sink tips & flies... My sport in the front of the raft made a nice cast into the pool and we floated along with the fly as it drifted into darkness deep & slow. Luke then stripped it in and made another cast, the fly started sinking and stopped, I watched his rod bend over and thought for sure he was snagged up! Then it pulled and the head shakes came, "there's one" he called out.... He stripped up the slack as the fish made its way under the boat, then the fish woke up! All I could say was "watch your line" as the fish started screaming to the far bank! As the line tightened up it bundled up behind his finger and got stuck; anable to give out more line the fish broke the tippet and took the fly! A downer this was but not an uncommon occurance with Steelhead fishing when the line all around your feet! Rule number #1 get the line on the reel ASAP!! I think over the years of the few times we've hooked a fish while floating and it's only a handful of times. It's very exciting as it's not really expected. This fish will forever be in the mind of this new Steelhead Fisherman, the one that got away!!:) As the day progressed we hoped for another which never came. This is not a river of many fish although it has been getting better in recent years for returning fish.  What this river is to me though is a gem with some of the greatest Winter Steelhead on the coast, all wild and Strong fish with an average weight larger than most other watersheds on Vancouver Island. At the moment my Steelhead dreams are more with this river than any other and the passion for it seems to grow stronger all the time:) It's certainly keeping my Steelhead dreams alive!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vancouver Island Winter Steelhead Guiding Update Jan 30 / 10

We floated a section of river for the first time after the mass of water we've received over the last 6 weeks. This beauty river is one of my favorites to swing a fly on in winter months. The river had some changes including a split in the river leaving me & my client at a loss as to which way to take, left or right braid? We took the right channel and hoped for the best, it was all good but questionable for a while! Along the way we managed to hook several nice cutts and lost a nice Steelhead that picked up our fly at the dangle. Hooking a fish on the dangle if often a curse! Sometimes what happens like this occassion is the angler picks up his line to place his anchor for a Spey Cast and as they lift up the rod there's weight at the end. This situation often results in a poor hook-up and a fish on the top thrashing on the surface often shaking free of the fly! None the less we had a great day floating 12kms of river in prime condition all to ourselves. My guest was a great sport who was very interested in trying the 2 handed rod for the first time and happily fished it all day. He was lucky enough to hook some nice fish while learning some casting skills and even got to hook up on that big Steelie that left him hanging and hopefully anxious to get back on Steelhead water soon. This week we'll be out on some more remote waters with our new jet boat hoping to find more untouched water that this island has to offer. There's no place I'd rather be in Winter months exploring new waters & swinging a fly!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Steelhead Vancouver Island Feb 09 (historic fishing addition)

The Creek Run in low water. This picture is of a  Winter Steelhead hooked late Feb 09 on a floating line, weighted Slip Stream (which was featured on one of the first posts of this blog). Low clear water & sunny days are the choice times to fish this fly! My Buddy Ken in the picture who has lived in Calgary for the past 10yrs had forgotten the pleasures and rewards of this fishery until we made it out this particular day. It's the classic Vancouver Island Winter Steelead that makes us anxious to be wading through cold rivers in winter months. My favored way to fish cold low waters is with a floating line, 12ft of straight 10lb test mono with a loop knot attached to a weighted fly. This season we've had huge water of which I presume is related to an El-Nino year, the first year we've had effects from it in several. Rivers here are large and have been in recent weeks mostly unfishable! It's been a Sink tip / weight fly combo for may of this seasons outings. Good thing for 2 handed rods.Well I'm getting ready for a good week of fishing ahead, the rivers are shaping up and the time couldn't be better. The flooding rivers have givin me time to focus on other things I guess like the purchase of what will be my new Jet boat ready to test out in a week or so, Just can't wait to start getting on some remote waters for exploration dates over the next few months. Too much water, too little time!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vancouver Island Winter Steelhead update 2010

 Small Steelhead eat big bugs too! When fishing the other day we found a couple of fresh steelhead in the river that were hot for our flies! This fish was the smaller of the two but put up a good scrapon a beauty day on the water, the first of 2010... You can see my 2 man Kayak in the background which works great for jumping into hard to access runs without commiting to a whole day float. One thing to consider when you arrive to a favored pool and the side you would automatically fish is occupied, try fishing from the difficult side! Years ago I arrived at a run that I always fished from river right. It was the soft flowing shallow side of the run which is where 99% of all anglers would automatically fish when they got there! There was a guy fishing it from the faster flowing side where the main current was, on the deeper  more tough part to cast & wade. After talking to this fellow I gave the senario some thought. Why wouldn't I consider fishing from that side, it was wadable, and with a 2 handed rod you could make it work to fish water that realistically you never covered before from river right. The other day when we arrived to a particular run there was a guy fishing the obvious side which he had made quite an effort to cross the river to do. With this run being as large as it is I had no problem fishing the tough side while he was there, it wouldn't be intruding by any means on his fishing or water. Besides he did sort of jump us to the pool when he seen we were floating down in the head of the run and started fishing it mid way down... I decided to float my boat to the other side down under the trees and started in with minimal room to cast comfortably but good enough. Within 10 nimutes I was into a great fish about 8 lbs which leaped out of the water 2 or 3 times putting up a good scrap! This wasn't the first time I have caught a fish there but it's amazing how people get into a routine of reading water a certain way, this I think can lead to repetitive fishing and sometimes disillusion of how good the fishing is! What if everyone thought the same and you arrived on that pool late in the day after it had been fished at least once. Yes Steelhead move around often but how many fish get pushed to the other side of the river after the pools been waded & torn up by an angler or two! Food for thought and yes the grass is sometimes greener on the other side:) A great saying I have stuck by for many years guiding, Steelhead are where you find them! Happy New Year