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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skeena Trip May 2 - 10 / 2010

I haven't been back to the Terrace / Skeena area since I sold my partnership of Spey Lodge 4 years ago; simply put, I was due for a trip. I made it up there at the beginning of the month, a time when I have always enjoyed the possibilities of hooking some spring Steelhead, trout and a possible early Spring Salmon. Well when traveling to fly-fish for migratory fish one is always gambling their timing and for me it was completely off... However, I didn't just go for the fishing, I have many friends up there still living in this secluded environment among great waters and it was good to see them and share fishing days like we used to on a regular basis. A part of me still lives in Skeena country and  always will as like any other fly-fisherman who loves wild Steelhead & Salmon there's no better place on the planet to swing the two handed rods on big water! I had never seen conditions like the week I was there in the month of may, very low water like early March conditions. We fished many a great place like the main stem Skeena, Kalum, and tribs of the Nass where the Steelhead pic was taken. I caught many Dolly Varden, both sea-run and resident fish and that was OK as we don't have them on the Island to be readily caught while swinging flies for Steelhead. My old Jet- boat pictured with 2 of my good fishing friends on the main-stem were at a loss for what the fish were up to when we were there; they faired well the week following my visit for both Steelhead and Sping Salmon. Typical of what the traveling angler gets from his guide reports on occasion, should have been here bla bla bla.... so like anywhere including Vancouver Island, timing is everything when looking for migratory fish! But be very clear on what timing means; not when the run is supposed to be peaking but when water conditions are ideal and that's something that you must gamble when booking in advance. If rivers have been low for a while, it's likely that the fishing is going to be tough. On the last day of my fishing trip I convinced my buddy to take out the little Jet, a stealthy way to get to fish without running over their heads in gin clear water! We floated this little inflatable Jet down through awesome runs and sighted just about every stone on the bottom of the River that day which I have never been able to say before. It is clear why this river is such a success for wild returning fish, it is one of a kind. On this day we did hook some dollies and saw a early spring in the tail out of a very long slow pool and close by the Chinook was a Steelhead too! They were spooked before we could even get close to them but nice to see. Being able to float down and then Jet back up river is a great option when needed, probably my favorite day of the trip even though we were skunked:) In a few weeks from now I hope to be on to some Summer Steelhead here on the Island, I just can't wait!!

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