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Thanks for viewing my first blog. For more info about my guide service view www.bcflyguide.com or if you have questions about flyfishing Vancouver Island in general please feel free to ask. This site's all about Flyfishing Vancouver Island with some great pictures from guided & personal fishing trips, new flies I'm tying, whats new & all that other good stuff related to casting a fly on island waters! Flyfishing, guiding and my passion for this sport is always growing. I hope this blog will assist those of you in keeping up on what I'm up to here, and why I think Vancouver Island BC is so under rated for it's Flyfishing opportunities. Thanks for visiting and come again, regards.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hair of the Dog (Temple Dog Hair-Wing Flies)

Temple Dog Hair is likely the most lifelike of all hairs when wet! I like using Arctic Fox for a lot of my hair-wing patterns but getting hair even up to 3 inches long can be a challenge. I can usually get Temple Dog Hair 4+ inches and this stuff is even more lifelike than Arctic Fox for a little more $. There's something about tying and fishing these patterns averaging 4 inches long that is just awesome when fishing large rivers on Vancouver Island for Winter Steelhead!These flies are tied on 2 inch long plastic tubes, an under-wing of calf tail, Kens glitter wing hair:) and of course topped with Pink Temple Dog. Finished off with real Jungle Cock Cheeks. Fairly easy full dressed patterns that look awesome in the water and catch fish! Flies like these are available on my online Tube Fly Shop at http://www.bcflyguide.com/flies.html 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kens Tube Fly Shop

You can now purchase Kens tube flies on line! Visit our fly shop on our web site at www.bcflyguide.com and click the fly shop page to see what we offer! Please give us any feed back regarding flies you would like to see on there or anything else that may improve your buying experience while shopping on our site. We hope to hear from you and thanks for viewing our blog!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fishing Home Waters (Cutthroat Heaven)

Today I did something I have considered doing for a long time but never did. I put my gear in my kayak and wheeled it and my pup Parker for 45 minutes up the road, over the hill and around the bend to the bridge that crosses over the Quinsam River, the main tributary of the Campbell river. No need for waders today, I was soaked from head to toe with sweat for this forever feeling trek, dragging along 100lbs of gear; next time wader up once there and I will confess this was probably the best workout I've had in a while! I spent around 3 hrs fishing the little bit of good looking water the Quinsam River offered in hopes of maybe a nice fresh steelhead but no luck there! I did manage 3 nice sea-run cutthroat on the line though. I had a great pull at the end of my swing at one point but missed what felt like a large fish, in my mind a possible Steelhead! after fishing 5-6 more casts I change flies and fished for a while in that same section of the run but nothing so I pressed on through stepping through to the tailout. then it came again, this beauty cutthroat that might be the largest cutt I've ever caught in this watershed. What an awesome fish! It was sluggish in that snow melt water but progressively woke up as the fight went on!
My fishing buddy on the boat also enjoyed the day! This is a good stream that has what I believe a decent run of Steelhead that most of us don't get a chance at with rod in hand as I feel these Steelies boot above the Hatchery where one can't fish in Steelhead season. What a great place to live for fishing adventures:)