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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guide Update / The River Where Big Wild Steelhead Roam.

You know, it's been a while since I've had an opportunity to put a new Steelhead picture on this blog! A few reasons for this are New Sports / Clients loosing fish & another is I'm not interested in trying to take a picture of myself with a fish! The other day I worked my clients a long day on the river casting to endless beautiful runs & pools. These 2 fellows were Albertans new at Winter Steelhead fishing and very excited to be on this trip. They had a friend out on the Harris River on the south Island the day before who was float fishing and managed to land an 8lber. Although they were excited for their friend they were more interested in learning how to make it happen with a fly! As our day progressed these guys were pumped, occassionally they were getting grabs by Sea-run Cutthroats keeping their attention span to the top of their game... On occassion, we float through some large deep runs on this particular float where you can't even wade either side of the river to make a go at these fish tanks. Usually I just accept this fact and float on through thinking man what a place for fish to hang out! Well this time I encouraged my one guest to make a few casts while floating through! Both fellas were fishing single handed rods, major trout fishers from the interior who could make good casts but just a little new with the heavy sink tips & flies... My sport in the front of the raft made a nice cast into the pool and we floated along with the fly as it drifted into darkness deep & slow. Luke then stripped it in and made another cast, the fly started sinking and stopped, I watched his rod bend over and thought for sure he was snagged up! Then it pulled and the head shakes came, "there's one" he called out.... He stripped up the slack as the fish made its way under the boat, then the fish woke up! All I could say was "watch your line" as the fish started screaming to the far bank! As the line tightened up it bundled up behind his finger and got stuck; anable to give out more line the fish broke the tippet and took the fly! A downer this was but not an uncommon occurance with Steelhead fishing when the line all around your feet! Rule number #1 get the line on the reel ASAP!! I think over the years of the few times we've hooked a fish while floating and it's only a handful of times. It's very exciting as it's not really expected. This fish will forever be in the mind of this new Steelhead Fisherman, the one that got away!!:) As the day progressed we hoped for another which never came. This is not a river of many fish although it has been getting better in recent years for returning fish.  What this river is to me though is a gem with some of the greatest Winter Steelhead on the coast, all wild and Strong fish with an average weight larger than most other watersheds on Vancouver Island. At the moment my Steelhead dreams are more with this river than any other and the passion for it seems to grow stronger all the time:) It's certainly keeping my Steelhead dreams alive!