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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Accessing Remote Steelhead Rivers on Vancouver Island

On Vancouver Island there are too many Rivers to explore for fishing opportunities for any one lifetime. Hiking & wading into rivers is often the only option as a lot of our waters are simply not accessible due to size and location. Others are accessible by floating with rafts & kayaks via roadside put-ins / take-out locations... Some rivers have Helicopter access where one can land on rock bars etc and of course most of us love this option if affordable, there is simply no greater way to get around our beautiful coast into remote areas! Another option is via Jet Boat for some waters that can only otherwise be accessed by Helicopter. Yesterday we went on one of these trips taking my new Jetboat into a river that simply isn't accessible any other way other than Helicopter. This is another one of those great Rivers you wonder if the Steelhead are currently residing in now that we're getting into prime season for winter fishing on Vancouver Island. For myself fishing has always been #1 about exploring waters, hunting for treasure! Yes the fish are always the bonus and when fishing some technics it's all about catching as the process is not always enjoyable; but when going out for the sake of sportfishing (in my case casting a fly) its more about the adventure and seeing & learning new water & places as the process is great fun!... On Vancouver Island there seems to be more mystery about our wtaers than most other places I've been on the Coast when hunting for Steelhead! In the end I feel greater rewarded when catching steelhead here and this seems to be instilled in my idea of Steelhead fishing. Yesterday we did not see any steelhead on this amazing watershed however I know they do exist here at times, maybe later in the season, who knows? We did manage to hook one nice size cutthroat trout and one Rainbow (possible small Steelhead / summer run) close to 3lbs. As we exited this river we also encountered a seal up the river 1km from salt! This may be a sign of chromers entering this rarely fished jem. We'll be back but not soon enough for my liking:)