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Friday, February 26, 2010

Friends Addition Feb 26 / 10

 An Island Angler sent me these great pictures from some of  his past fishing adventures. I thought they were great so I'm sharing them with you. These 2 pictures are great examples of our Vancouver Island Trout! I'm not sure but they are likely both sea-run fish that migrate into our rivers which is typically the case on the island. These pics are a reminder that our trout season is not far away now. Actually this winter season has kept the trout fishing somewhat on thoughout the year due to our warm temps.
I was out searching some areas the other day looking for possible new access points on one of my favoured steelhead fisheries. After sort of succeeding I ventured back towards Campbell River and then took a quick detour to a lake on route. I had heard from a friend that there was decent fishing happening there over the winter, very unusual for this particular lake as it is one of our deeper lakes that seems to turn off though winter months. I'm not so familiar with this lake as I have only made maybe a days effort on it in the past. I put my Kayak in quickly for a hours fishing and headed to where I assumed the creek flowed in at the head of the lake. I could hear the water flowing in and made my way towards it. Amazingly I was on the other side of the lake when I first heard it, lakes are a quiet peaceful place aren't they! A bit of a row later and still looking... After rowing completely to the farthest point across I viewed a little falls coming in behind some bushes and thought that had to be it! I started casting my fly towards the shoreline with plenty of doubt of a possible hook-up! I  was fishing a slipstream (my bait pattern) with lead eyes which I fish pretty religiously when on the river; being too lazy to change to a lake fly. Also I have major confidence in this fly in most situations, thinking if nothing else it should get some attention glowing in that crystal clear water. A few casts to the shoreline and nothing! The wind blew me down the shoreline a bit where there was some structure and I made another cast, as I stripped this fly in at a good pace it felt like it was dragging the bottom, then it came off and then tightened up again! Sure thing, I had a Cutthroat on. This long slender fish was a spawner good and hungry after doing his thing over the last month or so. A decent fish of about 16inches. I then managed 3 more fish before heading back to the Jeep. They were all Cutts, all had spawned already and quite aggressive to my fly. It was pretty cool as I could see these fish charge the fly broadside often coming slighly towards me making it hard to hook-up! Good fun and nice to see something different too! Thanks Huw for the photos, keep them coming!