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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seasonal Worm Hatch! Apr 6 / 10

Every season at some point in the spring you get a combination of conditions that bring out the worms in great numbers. As most of us BC Steelheaders know, fishing worm imitations in big water produces great results. On this particular day when arriving to the put in to do a float trip for Steelhead we weren't sure what to expect of the river! We had a major storm the night before with 90km winds & rain... At 3 in the morning I was thinking I would have to cancel my guide trip in the morning as it was blowing out of control on my property, one of my boats ended up in the neighbors property!! When I woke up it was dead calm out. Well I got things together and picked up my guest. The river was in great form that day, just a bit of color and vibrant with life and when putting the boat in I noticed worms everywhere I looked... This made me feel very good about our upcoming day on the water! By 10 in the morning my guest had already landed 2 beauty Steelhead. As the day progressed 5 Steelhead came to the fly and a few Cutthroat. The Cutts were both pop bellied full of something that I first thought were likely fry. Then a friend who lived on this particular river his whole life had mentioned to me that every year at some point there's a worm hatch and the trout just gorge themselves on them.... How did I overlook that:) These pics are from that day, one poor pic of a Cutt with a worm fly in it's mouth and the other of it at hand...It's hard to tell how round it's belly was in this pic but I can tell you they were well fed that day! I wonder how hard it is for Steelhead to not digest these slithering treats that they hammer them as soon as they enter the pool? I guess it would be great food for the Kelts dropping out and better yet maybe it's a diversion for the fry to escape easier... No, that's thinking too much I think:)