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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vancouver Island Flyfishing for Steelhead! 12/09/10 catch!

Imagine the ultimate trout stream, fishing for giant wild rainbows... A stream that resembles New Zealand waters but with much stronger fish! Above all this these Rainbow Trout are Wild Steelhead! Fish that have survived all the element that the pacific ocean can throw at them, but have made it back to their home stream where they will reside for the next 8 months. This is the Small Stream Summer Steelhead fishing on Vancouver Island that I know well. It's not the fishing that most anglers relate Steelhead fly-fishing to be! The popularity of swinging flies on larger waters using large flies with two handed rods & heavy sink tips! I love that kind of fishing too and spend many days on Vancouver Island fishing this style! The summer fishery I'm referring to is a rare and highly rewarding one. It's an incredible experience sight fishing wild Steelhead that are so aggressive they will even chase a dry fly for several meters! What trout fishing could be more exhilarating? These are confident fish that have designed themselves over time and are quite comfortable hiding amongst these mountain streams no salmon ever enter! Many anglers feel intimidated with this great fishing opportunity. One that has to be approached with the most of care, at a slow pace many anglers just don't have the patience and confidence for! This leaves these great waters for the anglers who most cherish Steelhead fishing in any form...The Sport of Steelheading on Vancouver island is more than the over popular Spey fishing & swinging flies! It's also the traditional trout style of fly-fishing, angling small rivers with single hand rods, dead drifting dry flies and wet flies with a floating line; for the greatest trout on the planet!