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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friends Addition / Fall Coho Oct 12 / 2010

Fussy fish these Coho can be in freshwater on Vancouver Island, to the fly that is... Often times come up when you have what seems to be the best of conditions, perfect water and fresh chrome Coho (silvers) in perfect fly water. If this was the remedy for Steelhead I'd have no doubt that it's going to be a good day on the water. Pacific salmon are very different! On some rivers in BC without a doubt if your within reach of some fresh Coho you're able to catch them on a fly. This is not the case for some Vancouver Island rivers where you can put every fly imaginable past these perfect sea bright fish without a taker. Then the guy with the spoon shows up and "FISH ON" within a few casts if not the first! And no not the keener gear guy either, I'm talking about the 6yr old fishing with dad who casts it out there any old way they can:) Wonderful fishing is at times and great for gear fishing that it allows the youngster an experience that often hooks one for life. This is what often turns people on to the finer art of casting a fly  in their future.... Venturing back to the pristine waters that never seems to stop flowing through their veins since their first experience! For any of you fly guys who gets discouraged like I can at times, especially guiding these fly fussy fish, It's a quick slap in the face to bring it all into perspective as to why we fly fish! The challenge which sometimes never rewards one with a fish but keeps them Valuing the occasional hookup. I know that sometimes catching success is better for these great fighters on the saltwater beaches but I also know that it can be tough to hook Coho even when they are swarming around you and your casting spoons!! So at the end of all this I still prefer the fly-fishing challenges that still keep me subconsciously thinking of the perfect fly / approach to that water where you find chrome silvers swarming in that perfect pool! Oh ya, I guess I should tell you that that the fella holding this fish in the pic is a saltwater guy at heart, but also enjoys pulling them out of freshwater when he can, nice fish Vince!