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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Chummy Day On Remote Waters

Chum / Dog Salmon are great sport fish! Among the locals who have been fishing the Campbell River area most of their lives, most will agree that Chum are some of the best fighters and sportiest fish when bright and healthy. Not only for the fly guy who likes a challenge but in saltwater too amongst the charter boat / gear fisherman. For the most part when you hook a chum you're in for a job getting it to hand. I have seen these fish take more fly lines from uneducated fly-fisherman than any other fish! They are known for being brute pullers more than anything else but I have also seen them jump and do all the things a fish can to attempt breaking you off... The funny thing to me when guiding these great fish is how many clients think they have foul hooked these fish after getting pulled around the pool endlessly! "Are you sure Ken, seems fouled" they'll often say! And then "I mean I just can't turn him"!! Often at the end of the fight you hear "bloody hell Ken" or "Gawd Damn they can pull can't they"! :) The one thing about Chums more so than any of our other Pacific Salmon is, timing is of the essence! These fish turn extremely fast in fresh water to spawning mode here on Vancouver Island. They are the last to arrive of all our salmon and typically get to business soon after arriving to the river. It's best finding these fish near saltwater within the lower reaches of the watersheds. When caught like this one in the picture just following a flood tide & just above tidal waters, they are a great  fish to target ending our main guiding season. Thanks to everyone who joined us this great 2010 season. Lucky for us residents the attention now turns to hunting for early Winter Steelhead within the next week or two. I hope some of you will consider a winter trip for in my opinion the best fishing we have to offer on the Island from Dec - May; It's Winter Steelhead time...!