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Thanks for viewing my first blog. For more info about my guide service view www.bcflyguide.com or if you have questions about flyfishing Vancouver Island in general please feel free to ask. This site's all about Flyfishing Vancouver Island with some great pictures from guided & personal fishing trips, new flies I'm tying, whats new & all that other good stuff related to casting a fly on island waters! Flyfishing, guiding and my passion for this sport is always growing. I hope this blog will assist those of you in keeping up on what I'm up to here, and why I think Vancouver Island BC is so under rated for it's Flyfishing opportunities. Thanks for visiting and come again, regards.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vancouver Island Winter Steelhead update Jan 26th / 11

What makes for a good days fishing? Even on days when the fish can't resist your flies and you're hooking up on Steelhead like this one the most important part of the day is having good company on bright waters combined with good weather! If I have all those things and get skunked it's still a great day! Today was a little better than the average catching day and that always makes one feel extra rewarded with their fishing experience! Today 2 friends & I floated the river together and shared good waters with aggressive Steelhead... The fish were on the bite and we were confident in the water that held fish so we took turns fishing the hot spots and all hooked fish equally! This doesn't happen all the time but on occasion the stars align just right and everyone goes home thinking about why they don't get out more often? The one thing you must do in order to get these rewards is get on the river as much as possible. Along the way the odd error will occur like the windy day when you can't row your boat downstream or you go for an unexpected swim in January and your 8kms from your vehicle. Or maybe you break a rod or two along the way! When you have the three important elements on your side, the good friends, water & weather none of it much matters and the day is still better than most! When fishing Steelhead you never know for certain how it's going to go but occasionally it turns out to be near perfect and all the other tough days on the water are soon forgotten! And when you hook one of these wild specimens of Vancouver Island you are simply reminded why you go to all lengths to do it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dad / Son time on the Water

It's amazing how an early fishing experience can stick with a person for life! My father took me fishing many a day when I was old enough to hold a fishing rod and I still remember those days clearly... I don't remember many things from my youth so I'm guessing the outdoors, the smells, sounds and just being one with the environment is something that's never really forgotten once experienced. As I got a little older and had opportunities to get on the water it just felt right because it never really changes out there when walking through the trees, near a lake or stream, the sounds and smells are similar and pure as you know them and simply put it is a real experience! I say this because many other things in life are cool to experience but are often novelties or trends within society that come and go throughout ones life. It seems the older I get the more I value the true things I have brought into my life and work! I guess where I'm going with all this is I feel lucky these quality times as a youth outdoors fishing were instilled in me as what real good things are, and they are some of the only true things in my life other than family! Where I go fishing are places I can always count on to ground me with pleasure through good and tough times. It's ironic that the things I ignored the most when fishing as a youth are the things I value more & more every time I get out! I now understand now more than ever how important it is to get youngsters on the water or simply outdoors experiencing what's real and will always be. These pictures were taken last summer in our back yard of a father & son having a great time catching pink salmon on a fly. A fishery that's just perfect for new comers to the sport of fly-fishing and I'm privledged to get to witness and share these experiences with others introducing a sport that needs to live strong within the young people in our community! I see youngsters quite a bit near our property fishing and think it's the greatest thing when they are on the water whatever their fishing style is... I have posted a couple of videos recently on youtube that are of this same fishery of friends and clients having a blast hooking these great fish that often turn newcomers into fishing finatics. To view them just key word fly-fishing for salmon / Campbell River. If you want to book a trip to experience this great fishery along with other great fishing opportunities in July, contact us at flyguide@telus.net

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fishing Update / Jan 10th / 11

Jocelyn & I went out for the day to wet a line (or should I say froze a line) in hopes of a fresh Steelhead. The water conditions were perfect but we are headed into a high pressure meaning cold weather for our parts, somewhere just below freezing temps! It was cold enough to ice up our guides & lines but overall it was a great day. We only managed to fish 2 nice pools due to a late start and an early departure as we both have other commitments to meet these days. My wife is going to school for the first time in 20+ years and is loaded with home work aside from being mom to our son etc... so needless to say, when the rear opportunity to go swing a fly comes we do our best regardless of fishing conditions! I have mentioned before about these Glow Worm Tube Flies I sell on my web site and how well they work. This is another example of the results, the trout can't resist them either! The great thing about this fly is it is very light weight for such a large presentation meaning most fly-fishing outfits can cast it with no troubles! this fly lights up beautifully in the water as it is tied with UV polar chinelle which doesn't retain water when you have to pick it up and cast it again. Many anglers never think about large flies like this for trout and in some places it would likely not make sense, but our sea-run fish love them and I know that enticing fish in colder waters to chase a big meal verses a small one is usually in your favor... We had a great time, I hope there's another day on the water with my wife soon holding one of those fresh chrome Steelhead:)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Salmon On the Fly (fishing the home pool)

I was just reviewing some pictures from last season and found this video along with others... I haven't been out on the water recently so here's something to think about for a summer fishing adventure. This fishery is great catching sea-bright Pink Salmon entering our home pool just minutes from tidal waters. Our river is crystal clear so you can literally watch these fish migrate into it in waves through months of July & Aug! In my opinion, this is the greatest opportunity for new fly-fishers to experience catching salmon on light gear, allowing them to also test their skills and gain knowledge of how to play fish in fast moving water, and observe their behavior etc. If one is trying to get a friend into fly-fishing this is an adventure for you! If you love Bright waters & bright fish, this is also a fishing trip you deserve to take. Enough said I think, river fishing for salmon on light fly-fishing gear that's simply unbeatable!