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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vancouver Island / Spring Steelhead April 26th / 11

April Showers bring all the colors of the rainbow including Chrome?
Yesterday we spent the day floating the river with your typical spring weather, 5 minutes of rain, then sun, then wind from the south, then.. It certainly felt like spring time and of course the smell of skunk cabbage in the air makes myself think of all those fresh chrome surprises I've had and talked about to clients for many years...
We get fresh Steelhead arriving even into late May; over the last few years it's seemed clear that the runs of Steelhead I've known on Vancouver Island aren't in numbers in the later season as much much as they are earlier in Winter months. Now this has always been true to some extent that the earlier runs of fish are stronger in numbers but some watersheds used to bring a strong push of fish late April / May that just don't seem to be evident like they used to.
Years ago the elders I fished with talked about the numbers of late fish that staged and spawned in the lower reaches of the watersheds at one time, and in good numbers. Those fish don't seem to be around anymore and after considering all the scenarios I still don't have a convincing answer as to why... Was it due to colder water temps, ever changing river conditions due to environmental changes in the watershed or is it ocean conditions making them arrive to the watersheds earlier in the season for some unknown reason...
This year we've had colder water temps throughout the winter season and I personally have been anticipating a possible return of late Steelhead in good numbers. One can dream of the good old days and when I think of all the days I've experienced these hot fish on warm spring days with the scents of Skunk Cabbage lingering in the air, the more I can't forget how awesome Spring Steelhead fishing is... The days are longer, everything is vibrant including the weather, the elk are thriving in the river valley and occasionally just when you thought your Winter / Spring Steelhead season is over that awesome chromer takes hold and tears the pool apart!
 Yesterday was interesting as we floated 10kms of river to ourselves, everything seemed right accept the fish just weren't on the bite, not even a trout... Keeping that steelheading spirit we just kept pounding as we knew this could change at any pool. When fishing in spring you can get a mixed bag of opportunities from fish that are dropping out to that new arrival who thinks its the master of its domain; letting anything that swims by know who's in charge! We arrived to this long run that could be fished for half a day and I defined where I've had most of my success in past seasons on it. We focused on making every cast count in this section to the point of even re-rigging our line setup and it payed big! Changing the line and fly got us the distance we needed to cover the far bank confidently! the result was three takes, two hook ups and one landed which turned out to be that late arriving hen we had just dreamed of hooking up minutes prior! Some wishes do come true!! :) you can view this fish on video while the weather changed before our eyes at the link below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFwwkdQEIXQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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