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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flash flooding rivers; Dead Low water to deadly high water in 3 hours!

My guest came up from Washington for a couple of days fishing on his first visit to BC. Being a Steelheader for many years his priority was to experience our Steelhead with a possible mix of Salmon. Prior to his visit the forecast was looking very interesting with good rainfall for several days. Rain we needed after 6-7 weeks of Sunshine and the run off drying up in the hills. This season we had some of the greatest run off I've ever experienced late into the summer months for Vancouver Island with good flows reaching into Aug. A typical summer would see the rivers dropping to low levels in mid July! I was excited about the forecast, thinking of happy fish thriving in greater flows after staring at the sun for 6 weeks. Typical of weather predictions though things tend to change as the days progress with the rain often arriving later; in this case driving the heart of the rainfall on the day of fishing rather than in the days past which of course would have given us a perfect dropping river to fish! On the first day, we headed west for Steelhead and we were expecting 50mm of rain. We knew it was going to be wet but the way things were looking it may be our only chance to fish Summer Steelhead in our 2 day adventure! We started fishing a river that was the lowest I've experienced it in 2 years... My client was stunned, there's Steelhead in this! I started him out with a small Steelhead Bee, fishing pocket water as we progressed up the river. I planned on fishing a stretch of river that was accessed by crossing the river, then working upstream for the morning as all the pools fished from the other side. Then at lunch we would cross back and hike to our vehicle. As he cast the Steelhead Bee the fly was getting drenched before it hit the water due to the amount of rainfall occuring! From pool to pool we encountered Steelhead as I payed close attention to the water levels... These fish were hot, taking the fly violently and tearing up the pools. My concern now was getting back across to the roadside before the river was too high to wade. Every time I got to a pool I focused on a rock to gauge the levels as my guest fished but clearly things were rising faster than I could ever imagine! Finally I said, it's time to cross and within a short time following watched the river blow out! I can't say that I have ever watched a river rise that fast while fishing it; we succeeded in hooking 3 awesome wild Summer Steelhead in 3hrs. A rising river isn't so bad to fish after all. The following day we got out on the Saltwater chasing Coho on the beaches before the winds came up, we managed one looker with a boil at the bait pattern before the rollers came in, time to head up the river!! The pic and video above is a result of the river fishing, a nice chrome Coho after many casts at cruising fish migrating up the river. A successful trip overall dodging weather and water conditions to the best of our abilities, every once and a while you get it right!