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Monday, October 1, 2012

Coho Time!

Time for Coho on the fly! These fish show up as early as late Aug in some of our rivers... As a matter of fact we have Summer coho in some of our high mountain streams arriving much earlier, but the main run of these silvers start really pushing into our rivers late Sept... It's now mid Oct and we've had some nice fish when out. This is one taken last week by a client one pool below our home pool called the Line Fence Pool. Roderick Haig Brown named this pool as it starts at the upper (upstream) reaches of his property line which is now a heritage property. The Fellow holding the fish is a great fan of HB as he has read many of his books in past years, some of the stories written about this pool in particular so a great joy to have caught a bright fish in bright waters! Try a thin profile fly for coho, ones tied with flash, colors including blues, greens, pinks and white when fishing clear waters like those of Vancouver island, good luck:)