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Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter Steelhead and Update Nov 26th / 12

 Nov in Campbell River can be a bit of a shock to my system, my guiding gets quiet, days are short and frankly this town is a little shy of activities unless you're an avid hunter or need to fish every day of the year... For me a change of environment would be good, a break away from here to keep my perspective of this awesome environment I live and thrive in most of the year... I guess what they call that is a vacation, I'll have to try that sometime.
   There are a few nice days in Nov like today; I floated my Jet boat down the river with my dog as it was dry and partially sunny. A mid day float offers the warmest time of day with the most light and the bird activity along the river is always busy...
    I found this past fall to have an exceptional amount of Chum Salmon spawning in the lower Campbell River. Floating the estuary today confirmed it for me, the bottom of the lower river was blanketed with dead salmon right to the spit and beyond. I stood on the platform on my boat for a high view point while drifting for good observation expecting to see Crab feasting but none along the whole float that I could view, surprising to me!! There was however a number of seals and different birds, even a swan which kept my pup interested but what i really was hoping to see was a grey ghost or for you not used to this term, a fresh Steelhead swimming along.

   Soon one can expect to catch fresh Winter Steelhead in some of our rivers, the one river I continue to be excited about every fall is the Nimpkish River. I'm not certain why as it's never been friendly to me! Usually its crappy cold sleeting down rain or snow or both! Rarely do I catch any fresh Steelhead but yet it keeps my interest more than any other watershed during late Nov / Dec... I guess it's what it offers that no other river on the island can, the largest most beautiful fly-water one could ask for to swing his two handed rod in early winter months! On occasion you get hooked up on a nice fish and the Nimpkish fish pound for pound are exceptionally strong from my experience. The river is a classic, yet really one of a kind too! A place every Steelhead fisher should experience in my opinion and one with some great fishing history as well. its the largest watershed on the island with much of its special waters not open to fish when they would offer good fishing, a bummer in my opinion.
   Following my passion to hit the Nimpkish, all the other winter fisheries progressively come into action starting with the Gold, some of the northern rivers like the Quatse and then following December most of the other watersheds... These brilliant sea-bright torpedos are in my opinion the best and most beautiful fish the Island has to offer the freshwater angler. Its the one fishery that drew me to the Island for the first time almost 25yrs ago and one fishery I can't get enough of! This fishery is also one that most of my experienced flyfishing client appreciate the most. Yes we offer great guided fishing trips through winter months... Most guests visit us from later Feb - late April as this is the friendliest and most reliable time of year to target these great fish. We hope you will join us for some of this great fishing sometime as well, a fishery challenges and great rewards too!